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Looking For A Specialized Content Writer? 

I craft research-based content for blogs and websites that concentrate on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and outdoor travel


Pleasure To Meet You!

Hello! My name is Raul Mercado and I've been writing online since 2018 when I began learning and developing my own blog based on the Wix marketplace.

Since then, I've been able to generate thousands of organic visitors to my own site, rank in the top spot for multiple keywords, and learn content strategies.

I've gone on to work for several content platforms writing hundreds of blog articles, emails,  landing pages, sales copy, and more for a variety of industries. 

I even worked as a Director of Digital Strategy for a small agency communicating directly with site owners about their websites. Together, we optimized website copy to connect with customers. 

I know the potential of what copy can do for your site and will deliver reliable, high-quality content to help scale your sites. 

Where My Work Excels

I started writing online as a way to generate inbound leads for my own business.


As a Wix consultant, I wanted to share my knowledge with the community to start conversations with potential clients.

I learned the complicated practice of SEO and what it takes to rank high in search engines. I understood how copy and content played a role in the larger system of generating awareness and leads for a business. I also gained an appreciation for the amount of work and effort that goes into planning. researching, organizing, and executing a content strategy for a website. 

At the same time I was learning content lessons, I was also growing as an entrepreneur. I learned more about paid advertising, social media, and endless digital marketing techniques.


I used complicated SaaS tools and began setting up automation flows. I even started an outdoor camping blog when the pandemic hit and began creating multiple sources of income. 

All of these practices have influenced my writing and what I have to offer. I excel at digital marketing, entrepreneurship, remote work, SaaS tools, and outdoor travel.


My writing is my attempt to simplify complicated systems, tools, and procedures so that everyone can learn to create the lifestyle they want, instead of living a lifestyle they regret.


Who's A Perfect Fit

Chances are if you've skimmed this far you and I already have a few things in common. 

If you're an entrepreneur or business who is reliable, organized, good with communication, and doesn't take weeks to pay an invoice, you and I are a good fit. 

Someone who is fair, empathetic, and wants others to succeed just as much as themselves is also a good fit. 
It's likely even better if your business includes digital marketing, entrepreneurship, Saas tools, or outdoor travel in some capacity.  

I'm the type of person who has a gratitude practice every day. I have a very small, but very close group of loved ones I stay connected with. On weekends, I'm either staying at home with my partner or traveling to a different country. 

If any, or many, of these values sound like you, there is a plausibly good chance you and I are a great fit. 


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