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Wix Wednesdays

I'm thinking about taking every Wednesday to highlight some of the more popular questions I have seen around the Wix Facebook groups and break them down so that every has a chance to understand them.

Most of the time in the groups you will find answers but they are not simplified enough for you to fully understand what is happening. Of course the person who needs the help is more familiar with the situation so they might not need a longer explanation.

My goal for Wix Wednesdays is to give all users a chance to know as much as the experts.

Let's take a look around the internet...

Wix Fundamentals For The Wix User (Facebook Group)

First question comes from Sarah and she asks,

Anybody having problems with wix? Trying to look at form submissions and it keeps telling me to publish my site, which of course I've done.....numerous time.

None of the comments for the post had any specific answers but they were relating to the same issue and seeing simiar problems on their own sites.

The reason I wanted to add this post is because troubleshooting is one of our major problems on the Wix platform.

With Wix constantly upgrading their platform and making changes, our sites and editors can go haywire!

I recommend trying these steps if you find yourself going crazy fixing something that isn't your fault.

  1. Clear Your History and Cache - Sometimes the editor can do some funky things when your browser data is backed up. Go into your browser settings and clear your cache and history. This is probably the first piece of advice you are going to get when trying to solve an issue.

  2. Create a support ticket or call back - contact Wix and let them know of your issue. If other users are experiencing this same problem then Wix will be more aware if they receive support tickets or an increase in callback request. Click here to read my post on Wix support to find out how to create a support ticket and request a callback.

  3. Create A Post In Facebook Groups - If you have given your issue 2-5 hours and haven't seen any changes it is time to create a post on social media seeing if anyone else is having similar problems like Jane has done above.

Wix World - Web Builder User Support (Facebook Group)

The next question comes from Amy and she asks,

I have been told that having a Wix site looks unprofessional and that if I want to look professional I should use WordPress. I would love any feedback. TIA

Lots of comments on this one. 24 in total.

There is a pretty big rumor going around that Wordpress is awesome and Wix is...well... it's like being the Jane next to Marsha (old tv reference).

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha....

The reason this rumor exist is because Wordpress has dominated the website building market for quite a few years now. No one was even coming close to them several years ago....

But that was several years ago and if you look at the picture below of google trends, you will see in the last 5 years a pretty dramatic curve between the 2 website builders.


As time moves on and Wix continues to innovate while Wordpress continues to decline the rumors around Wix being terrible will fade away.

What you can be sure of in the meantime is that there is no reason why a site would "look unprofessional" if you use Wix. Unless you have a free account with Wix, there isn't any way for someone to see that you are using Wix by just going to your site.

The only real reason something would look unprofessional is if you were not a designer but tried to build the site yourself. Start with a template in this case so you can make sure you site has a good foundation.

Wix Training Academy (Facebook Group)

Next question comes from Brian and he asks,

Quick question. I have a premium website but building a new one with a new template. Once complete how easy is it to switch my premium site to the new one? Any links on how to do so? Thanks

This is another pretty popular question around forum groups and has an easy to follow answer.

In the comment section there was a link to a great step-by-step that was created by Wix in order to solve this exact problem.

Brian has created a full website that is up and live right now and it has a premium Wix account attached to it.

He is in the process of creating a brand new site and wants to know how easy it will be to take his premium Wix account attached to his old website and transfer it to his new website when it is done.

You can always transfer your premium Wix accounts to different website you built. The account is not tied down to any specific site. You can do the same for domains.

If you are transferring your premium Wix account to a different website then more than likely you are transferring a domain name with it.

Keep this in mind and consult an expert or post on facebook groups like Brian has if you are confused because this can get tricky for an everyday user.


If you'd like to get a question answered then please comment on this post with your questions and I will respond and give the best direction I can! Always look to the Facebook groups for answers and use the search function to try and find older post that may be relevant.

Please like and share if you found this valuable and if you need immediate attention for your site then CLICK HERE to sign up for a free, 10 minute support session.


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