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Wix Wednesday Roundup 9.18 - 9.24

Another collection of the most engaging post from around the internet broken down for the everyday user to understand.

Usually these post come from Facebook groups since that is the most active and largest collection of Wix users on the internet but I'm not opposed to a Reddit thread or Quora thread if those had more engagement.

Typically when looking through Facebook groups it can be hard trying to figure out exactly what the post is trying to communicate or what the comments mean.

When you have an issue that is similar and the answer appears to be right in front of you but you can't understand it then you don't really get the help you need.

Before you jump in, if you would like to connect with entrepreneurs growing traffic to their Wix sites and ranking higher in Google than please click here to join a new group I have created called Wix SEO Enthusiasts.

WFFTWU (Facebook Group)

As usual I start with the most popular, and longest title, of Facebook groups which has over 5,500 members.

First post comes from member Lucy and she asks:

Hello I’ve had my wix website for 6 months now and I’ve no idea what I’m doing. I’ve put my content up but no one is visiting my site, it’s driving me a bit nuts as I just don’t know where to start. Is there basic advice for startup websites that I can find somewhere? Feel totally out of my depth and feeling as though I’ve just wasted my money. Thanks

No surprise that one of the top posts for Wix is about SEO. I would say this is becoming a weekly trend.

It's the same understanding that myself and tons of other entrepreneurs building sites are realizing and gravitating towards.

It's one thing to have a nice website that is designed well and looks pretty or maybe has custom code to take in very specific functions, but if you don't have anyone actually using the site then it's easy to feel like you wasted your money.

The truth is not that you have wasted money or time but that you have put your money and time in the wrong areas.

I think because web building and the internet change at such a rapid pace it is hard for our perception of these tools to keep up or to have an understanding of what we need to do.

Many people starting a business or side hustle still have the belief that if you get a great looking site up and do some very basic SEO that your site should start ranking within a month or two and people will come flocking to what you have created.

The reality though is that you are competing with millions, I repeat, MILLIONS of other sites who are trying to do the same things you are with more experience.

If anyone tells you that it is easy or you only need to do A, B, and C then DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LIES! THIS IS FAKE NEWS!

SEO is incredibly difficult to not just compete in but to also keep up with. Let me give you a personal example using my own site that you are reading from.

I have written about 70 blog posts at this point. I spend, on average, about 2 hours per blog post.

That does not include the time it takes to do keyword research, get backlinks, post to social media, network, SEO research, etc.

So I would say for this blog I have spent, easily, over 250 hours.

Guess how many first pages I rank for in Google?


This isn't because I "suck at SEO" because I have about 20 keywords ranking in various positions in Google at the moment but it's because this takes a long freaking time.

If anyone is telling you that they ranked within a month in the first spot for their keyword then I can guarantee you they have no idea what they are doing or they are incredibly amazing at what they are doing.

Which means they probably cost an arm and a leg.

This rant isn't to discourage you from even trying but to help everyone understand that SEO is a long term strategy and takes a ton of effort.

The strategy I chose is a 3 year long path and even though I see some of my work paying off I know that the big results will take time.

If you need help with SEO then contact me and we can talk about strategies and what you can do to help your site out.

WFFTWU (Facebook Group)

Next post comes from the same group and member Christie asks:

Whats the benefit of using a strip as opposed to just attaching to a box? TIA

What Christie is trying to confirm is the difference between two wix elements, the Wix Strip, and a Box.

Both of these wix elements allow you to attach other elements inside like a picture or text or a video.

What makes the strip different is that the strip is a container that can stretch the entire width of the screen and is intended for Responsive Design so that you website can look good on all screen sizes.

The strip will change size depending on what screen size you have an adjust automatically.

The Box will not adjust with different screen sizes and is made to only contain a small area of elements.

You can actually use a Box inside of a strip.

Try to think of a strip as the building block for the foundation of your site. It's the cement that you are putting down.

The Box is the house that you have built on top of the strip.

Using both of these elements will make life much easier as you continue to build on the platform.


I've seen SEO become a huge pain point for most businesses and I am thinking that everyone could benefit from a Wix specific checklist or guide to help as they build their sites.

If this is something you feel that would be very helpful for your business then please let me know by commenting below this post and if there is enough feedback I will start creating a free resource to help with SEO.

In the meantime, like or share this post if you enjoyed the read and again, contact me if you need help or assistance with you site or SEO or social media and we'll talk strategy and find a direction for you to go.


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