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Wix Wednesday Roundup

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

That time again where a collection of the most engaged Wix posts from around the internet are broken down so that any entrepreneur can understand and apply the lessons to their own sites.

This week I am deviating from the path slightly because there are some very interesting things happening within the Facebook groups, which is where these blog posts get most of their content.

Specific members of the community are providing extremely helpful (very good marketing idea!) posts that are sometimes getting over 100 comments!

These post are usually along the lines of "Post your site and I'll give advice on _____"

What I've really enjoyed about the post is the member of the group who is posting actually gives great advice on their follow up.

This type of marketing ideas have been done before in many other groups but rarely do you find someone willing to do a lot of work on the follow up but that is what makes these so appealing.

Because of this I wanted to highlight this member specifically at the end of this post and talk a little more about their method because I feel entrepreneurs and communities can benefit from this type of engagement.

On the the posts!

WFFTWU (Facebook Group)

I usually start with what I have found to be the largest and most active collection of Wix users on the web. Wix Fundamentals For The Wix User. Long name though...

Most engaged post from this past week comes from member Adel who asks,

Hello Dears,is there anyway to make a wix website fits to all screen resolutions..?

Another word for what Adel is asking for is called Responsive Design.

This means that all elements on a site like pictures, text, videos, all adjust when screen sizes change from desktop to tablet to mobile.

The elements should also adjust layout when changing your browser size.

What the comments lay out beautifully in this post is that Wix is, unfortunately, not quite there.

What Wix does a great job at ensuring is your site has the ability to change layouts and sizes when screen sizes change.

So, if you follow all of Wix's guidelines about using the editor and designing then you should have a site that looks pretty good on certain desktops, tablets, and mobile.

But not all devices will look the same and not even all the elements on your site will act the same when changing screen sizes.

And you do not have the ability to change elements on your site based on certain screen sizes.

Wix is unique and useful because of how easy it is for any user to build a site. When building using the platform it's important to remember that there will be limitations.

Anytime I am designing for a client and they ask me to replicate a site they like I always let them know that Wix has design limitations I must work within and reference them to an article about gridlines.

For more info on best methods and practices when building a site I've written a post on how I go about building on Wix.

WTA (Facebook Group)

Next post comes from the Wix Training Academy member Alisha and they ask,

What is the best (and simplest) way to have a form embedded on a landing page? I'm a fitness coach and am running an ad for people to get a free calorie and macronutrient plan from me based on their goals and physical details. I need the landing page that the ad leads to to be able to accept things like height, weight, etc and be submitted to me.
I have a paid, premium plan but after watching lots of videos I am unsure the best option for someone not tech savy to get up and running.

Great question as I know many Wix users are trying to capture leads and grow their brand.

In the comments section there is a great response by an Admin for another Facebook group, David Bower, and he talks about his experience using Cognito forms.

He says it's is free if you do not need to accept payment and has a large number of form submissions that you are allowed before needing to upgrade.

I haven't personally used Cognito so I cannot vouch for the experience but he is trusted among the community.

The native Wix form app is obviously capable but will require an upgrade after certain limitations are reached.

I've written an in-depth article about the limitations and use of Wix forms using Wix Ascend.

If you are not getting a lot of traffic on your site this can be good for now but once you grow you will need to either upgrade ow switch to a different platform.

Wix also has the 123 form builder in the app marketplace but I have not tried this either.

You are also able to build your own forms using Wix Corvid but if you are not familiar with building on your site using Corvid, this might be a steep learning curve.

Honorable Mention

As mentioned above I wanted to go over a post that had a TON of engagement but wasn't really your typical forum post.

Made in the WFFTWU group, member Hammad who works in website design and SEO made the following post:

OK then, it's #SEOSaturday today! You can drop your queries or websites to get tips and SEO audits for improving your site's rankings.✅✅
For anyone who's new to this term "SEO" It is a process of ranking your website on search engines like Google, in order to drive more visitors to your website.

This post currently has 109 comments! It doesn't break our record of 112 comments but guess what that post was about? SEO....

This post doesn't ask anyone for help or support fixing a problem with their site, which is different from our record holder, but instead this post is asking for visitors to link their websites in order to get free advice.

Mind you, people probably don't know who Hammad is or his background or his experience with Wix SEO.

And the truth is that it doesn't really matter.

Because what Hammad does after making the post is respond to every...single..comment with advice that you can tell took him some time to look up.

I highlight this because I feel like this is relevant for the entire community to gain more value and also something that every single business could be doing.

If you are a landscaper and part of a landscaping community why not make a post about Weeding Wednesday and ask everyone to post their problems getting weeds out of their lawns and gardens and you offer advice every week.

I can't imagine a community where professionals are offering supportive advice and guidance for free every single week and I am opposed.

I'm not sure whether to highlight these types of post. I could see what themes or advice are coming up in the comments section and have some general advice for everyone or leave them as they are.

If you'd like to see what advice is coming up most then let me know by leaving a comment on this blog below the article. If you all would like that I'll go ahead and start summarizing those comments.


I started my own group this past week! Wix SEO Enthusiast is an idea I had for creating a centralized space for talking about Wix SEO. One of the best parts to me about a facebook group is being able to search through the old questions for answers to problems and challenges people have had before me.

Because SEO for Wix is all over the place and a lot of professionals outside of Wix don't consider it as valuable, it's hard to locate what people are experiencing and their success.

My belief is that a centralized place for Wix SEO success stories can help to overturn the bad reputation Wix has gotten throughout the years.

It's been my experience working alongside the Wix platform that the decisions they have made and consequential growth gained that they will listen to the community if it has a large enough and focused push in a specific direction.

If a portion of the community wants something to happen and pushes enough for this to get done, Wix will listen and enact change.

Any opportunity for Wix SEO to have it's own voice at this point is only a positive for the community so please join and contribute your own experiences and success!


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