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Wix Wednesday Roundup


That time of the week again where I gather the most popular questions from around the internet and break them down piece by piece in order to shed more light on the answers.

Forums are the easiest way to find questions and answers to all things related to Wix and where you will find the most common bugs and glitches that are driving you crazy!

But sometimes the questions can seem random or the answers can be a little too technical to understand.

That's why I want to break down each questions and answers so that your can understand exactly what is going on in the threads and use these popular questions to help your site!

These questions are taken from the previous week, let's get into it...

WFFTWU (Facebook Group)

This question was an easy one to pick this week because the top post had 117 comments!!!! Easily a record for this roundup and I wonder if it is a record for the Facebook group as well.

What could get Wix users all riled up and cause a comment storm?

Wix SEO of course...

This week's post comes from Kristin and she asks...

I am so frustrated with my WIX website. I have had it for well over a year and I am still not on the first page of google search (or the 2nd ...3rd...4th... BUT the 17th!) What the heck?! I am really considering changing to a new host but I just LOVE how user friendly and customizable everything is. I have done literally everything I can think of to boost my SEO and nothing is working. I'm at a loss and I cannot justify paying $150/month for the SEO partner with Zoek. 😩 #endrant

If you take Wix out of the question then this exact same thought has had to cross the mind of every website owner since the browser wars started...

Which, by the way, if you haven't watched Valley of the Boom on the Nat Geo channel then you are missing some premium nerd watching.

Back to the question...

Kristin has had her site for a year and hasn't gotten her site to rank on the first page of Google yet.

When I started working with Wix and designing sites it became obvious that when I handed them off to the client that no one ever really saw the site after that.

Which made me feel like I was robbing people of their money to get them something pretty like a shiny rock or something.

That's when I discovered digital marketing and SEO.

I want to lay it out from all the hours upon hours of videos, articles, and personal experience I have had in working with SEO the past several months.


I'm not talking about getting your site to rank and patiently waiting for months, years, or decades before your site gets to the first page.

I'm talking about doing 6+ hours of keyword research, 2+ hours of writing each post, writing 100+ post in a given year, doing countless hours of backlinks, countless hours of promotion on social media, complete site audit of technical issues, google analytics connection, search console connection, paid tools for site profiling and data, etc.

Not to mention actually trying to run your business....

This is why SEO is expensive and why entire businesses are created just for SEO services.

Every online site in the world wants to rank #1 in Google so unless you are an SEO business yourself, the chance of you ranking for that spot is pretty slim.

I can guarantee that the sites that do rank number 1 without doing this work have either payed a large sum of money for that, are ranking for words that no one is really searching for, or already had a huge following so their site skyrocketed to the top spot quickly.

If you aren't showing up #1 in Google then I recommend setting up a Google My Business account. This is the easiest way to show up in Google with doing the most minimal amount of work.

But I would hop on quick because businesses around the world are catching on to this method as SEO businesses are finding it an easy way to get a client more eyes which looks better for them.

Basically you set up the google business page, confirm your physical address, and then when someone searches "photography in pheonix" your site will pop up with your business.

Then you can add posts to your Google business page and pictures so people can see more about your brand.

Many people will blame Wix for their SEO issues but the bottom line is that it simply takes SO MUCH MORE WORK than the average entrepreneur realizes.

There seems to be a persisting thought from the golden age of search engines that if you get a site up and do some basic SEO methods that your site will rank.

This isn't the case anymore and the world of digital marketing is changing at incredible speeds so keeping up isn't realistic unless you are offering SEO services and your business depends on it.

One more note is DO NOT pay for cheap SEO services. These are almost certainly going to rip you off. There is nothing cheap about getting SEO done for your site.

Wix World (Facebook Group)

The second and last questions I will cover this week comes from Danielle.

Is there a way I can limit purchases in my store to one item per purchase?

The simple answer to this question is no. You cannot limit the amount of purchases in a store by any customer to only 1 purchase of any item.

What you can do though is set your inventory in your store to have only 1 item available so that when the purchase is made the customer only has the option to buy one item.

But, this isn't really what the question was asking.

In the comments section Danielle explains that she actually runs a tarot reading business and is having trouble getting customers to not bulk buy all her readings. She has a limited amount of time per week to give her readings so she sets a specific number each week on what is available.

This becomes an issue because one customer can buy all her readings but not have any specific schedule for them. So the customer can demand their reading pretty much anytime they want.

Since they are bulk buying it also doesn't leave any opportunities to expand and reach new customers because they don't have a chance to get the service.

Changing her app to the booking app or even events app can still create this same problem.

The best solution for Danielle would be to make her booking area a members only or password protected page.

This would allow her to set specific rules to everyone who has access to these pages.

If any of her customers break her rules then she will have the ability to warn and remove anyone who consistently breaks these rules.

As an entrepreneur and business owner it is important to position yourself as the authority so that potential clients know what to expect.

Danielle was asking the right questions in order to find out how to get her clients to meet her expectations.


If you have any questions you need answered then comment below and I'll get you headed in a clear direction.

If you need some more immediate support then I offer free, 10-minute support sessions where you can talk with me personally and we can get a clear plan figured out for your issues!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back next week rounding up some more questions... Maybe I'll find your question next!


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