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Wix Wednesday Roundup


Another week of scouring the internet forums for Wix questions with the most engagements around the internet.

Sometimes these post can be extremely helpful for all Wix users but it is so out of context that it can be hard for everyone to understand.

That's why I like to try and break these down. The reason they are popular and have lots of engagement is because they relate to a lot of users.

So if you aren't understanding these post, you could be missing some info that could stop you from spending a huge amount of time or money on your problem.

Let's get into it!

WFFTWU (Facebook Group)

I feature this Facebook Group every single post because it has the largest community of active Wix post every single week. Wix Fundamentals For The Wix User is a popular spot to learn all things Wix and talk with newbies and partners in the same thread.

The post with the most engagements comes from John and he asks:

Is it BIG DIFFERENT about the cost between wix and wordpress ??? I'm actually using Wix to provide the web design service to customers ... For the wix hosting fee, at least need a $100/ annually , i realized there was quite a high price compare to my competitors offer 😢

What John is referring to is the cost of hosting between Wix and Wordpress.

Every year you have a site on the internet you will be paying for hosting fees which means that someone is allowing you to store all of the data of your site on their server.

In even more simpler terms, you have to pay a fee every year for having a site live.

Platforms like Wordpress will often have very cheap hosting fees compared to other website builders like Wix.

The reason is because when you pay a hosting fee to wix you are able to use their easy drag and drop system of building sites. You have free options for email newsletters, forms, video creation, and more.

Because you are paying for all of this you are paying a higher amount for your hosting.

When you pay for hosting on Wordpress you are only paying for the ability to have the live site.

All email, forms, automations, etc. need to be set up separately using third parties.

So basically you are paying a higher hosting fee through Wix for the convenience of using all of their free tools in one place and having a very user friendly experience while doing so.

So what John is expressing is his concern over the high prices Wix is charging to use their platform and how this affects his ability to work with clients.

It's important as a freelancer and Wix Partner that you explain to the client the benefits of using the Wix platform over others.

It's a responsibility of all web developers to understand where their clients are in their business and offer the best possible solution.

Wix is not perfect for all businesses but thankfully there are millions of businesses out there looking for web services and not everyone will want the same platform.

Being an amazing salesperson means identifying what your client needs and finding the perfect solution.

It does not mean forcing someone into a purchase they are not looking to make.

Understand how Wix or Wordpress are going to help your client and offer the best solution.

Wix Training Academy (Facebook Group)

The next popular post of the week comes from Stephen in the Wix Training Academy Facebook Group.

Stephen asks:

New to the group, hoping to take my Wix site to the next level. Something I’m noticing is that the loading speed for my site is often very slow... An example is this very simple landing page...

Wix has been notorious for their slower loading times and one of the biggest hits against the platform in my opinion is their ability to stay consistent with new SEO practices.

Site speed is often closely scrutinized by small businesses when they are auditing their sites for SEO and made to be an even bigger problem by "experts" using other platforms like Wordpress.

I believe the true reason for this is because most small businesses simply do not understand exactly how SEO works and what are best practices.

If they did, site speed would not be one of the closely scrutinized issues with their sites.

Although Google wants to make sure every visitor to your site is having the best experience, which means site speed is important, it certainly won't be a deciding factor to getting your site to start ranking for search results.

I would say 9 times out of ten where small business owners are having issues and concentrating on site speed they don't have a blog on their site or any way to produce content.

This is incredibly important when trying to rank higher in search results. If you don't currently have any content being produced on your site but are having a minor breakdown over your site speed, it may be time to prioritize.

Think about it this way....

Google wants to give someone who searches a topic the best possible result so that they don't have to go anywhere else on the internet. They want their user to go to one website and get all the info from that one site.

If you have an article that provides that for someone and there is no other article like it, Google will began to recognize this. Google will rank your article higher on it's own.

If you happen to get people to read the article and they spend lots of time reading it because they find it valuable I guarantee your article will start to rank even higher.

None of this will have anything to do with site speed as long as your site isn't taking 15 seconds to load.

The only time site speed will have a major affect is if you are either actively competing for the number one spot in a competitive search result and can't seem to beat your competitors, or your site speed is so bad that it takes 10 seconds for any content to load.

If you are worried about improving 1.5 seconds then you better know for a fact that your keyword is currently ranking at that number 2 or 3 spot and you desperately want the number 1.

Wix World (Facebook Group)

Our last post come from Nichola and they ask:

I have one more thing that's bugging me and desperately need help with! I want to make my little WIX website live without transferring the domain to WiX. Reason being we have a separate hosting package that enables us to have multiple email addresses in a much more cost effective way than having lots of email accounts with WIX. I have rung WIX and was advised to change the nameservers to the WIX ones. I didn't want to do this as I thought it would knock off emails - they said it wouldn't. But when I did what I was advised - of course it did! Has anyone else hosted their WIX website using the "pointing" method and what did you do please?

What Nichola is saying here is that she bought a domain outside of the Wix platform and has several emails attached to her domain provider.

She was afraid that if she used the Wix recommended way of transferring nameservers to Wix in order to hook up her domain to her Wix site that she would lose her email abilities.

Well, she tried transferring the nameservers to Wix and her emails were disconnected.

Instead of transferring your nameservers you can actually use what is called Pointing.

This means that instead of giving Wix full access to your domain information you are only allowing them to connect your domain.

There are a couple of pros and cons for each method.

If you are transferring nameservers it can be very helpful for your Wix site because then all information for your domain will be available in Wix and Wix will be able to help connect third party apps or integrations that need nameserver information.

In doing this you are essentially giving Wix ownership of your nameservers so your domain provider will not have access to this information.

So if you ever get in technical trouble with domain connection to your site it will be very hard to get Wix or your domain provider to help you fully because all information is in two different places.

This is why you might want to try Pointing.

This will allow you to keep all your domain info with your domain provider instead of giving Wix any ownership.

This is good if you have any technical issues with domain hosting but also can be frustrating if you are needing to connect a third party app to Wix and don't have all the info you need for the integration.


Have any questions? Comment below! You don't even need to sign up anymore. Now Wix has easy commenting options so feel free to ask any Wix questions and I'll get back to you in the comments.

Like or share this post if you learned a little more on using the Wix platform and if you would like to continue to see me break down different Wix questions from around the web!

For a look into the last roundup questions head over to my collection of previous post!


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