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Wix Wednesday Roundup 7.17.19


My second go at gathering the web's most popular Wix questions and breaking them down piece by piece to make them easily understood by entrepreneurs everywhere.

Let's take a look at what we can find this week...

Wix Fundamentals for the Wix User (Facebook)

First question of the day comes from Kirsty and she asks,

How do i get my best sellers or new arrivals to show on my home page? "they were showing but now they've dissappeared?

The most helpful comment comes from Audrey as she explains a workaround she has worked out when having this issue.

Her advice was to create a new category in your Wix stores and call this "Best Sellers" or "New Arrivals" and then to add a product gallery on your homepage and filter by your newly created category.

What this does is it allows you to have full control on which products are considered "Best Sellers" or "New Arrivals" that you can change at any time by editing your category.

The blog app also allows you to do this and includes it's own category called "Featured Post" in which you can tag specific post and feature them in a special feed on your homepage.

I HIGHLY recommend doing this if you have a blog or store on your site. Giving people a chance your most popular products or articles is a great way to grab their attention right off the bat.

Another question from Wix user Roussetos received a lot of attention and he asks,

Hello people, How I can check the progress on my website’s seo? Thanks

There was another question in this group that got similar attention and SEO questions are usually popular. Who doesn't want more people to their site?

There were some good comments and I even got in the mix but ultimately there are several benchmark metrics you can always check to see how your SEO is doing.

If you have a paid online tool like KWFinder, Moz, or Ahrefs then looking up some of this info should be no problem.

If you dont... use Moz's open site explorer tool to check your domain's authority. The authority lets you know how important search engines feel your site is. The higher the number the better you are doing.

You can also use Neil Patel's Backlink tool to see if you site has any backlinks. The more backlinks for high quality website you have the better search engines see your site.

To learn more about how to optimize your Wix site for SEO head over to my Wix SEO Review post.

Wix World - Web Builder User Support (Facebook)

One of the benefits of following the Facebook groups is that you are constantly seeing questions from new users about new features in Wix and getting the most up-to-date answers on questions you might not think about everyday.

Some of the most popular threads are from new users so it should be no surprise that Kirsty pops up again in our Wix Wednesday post in a different group!

She asks,

Those who use a shop on there site. Are you using the basic shop or an app?? I'm very new to wix so still learning 🙄

A great response from Moderator Sarah asks a clarifying comment if Kirsty is using the Wix store app that comes with premium Wix accounts.

The reason Sarah asks this question is because there are a couple of apps in the Wix app marketplace that provides the options to put up a store on your site.

Two of the most popular apps are the Wix Store and Ecwid. Both serve a different purpose and for most beginning store owners the Wix provided app is good for what you need.

Kirsty was also curious if she was already using the Wix store app and was wondering how to double check. If you have used a template from Wix for your site and you have a store then you are using the Wix Store app. The Wix Store App comes default with all Wix templates.

You will have known if you added a different app to your store if you did not use a template.


If you have questions that you need answered then comment below and I will get back to you!

Share and like this post if it has helped you learn a little more or answered your question! Next Wednesday I'll be rounding up the most popular questions from around the Web on all things Wix!

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