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How Much Does Wix Website Design Cost?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Usually Wix website design cost have a fairly large range depending on what you are looking for but you can expect on an average basis to spend anywhere from $300 - $3000. For e-commerce sites this will be a higher amount and you can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 - $10,000.


The reason for such a large range is that freelancers and agencies will often have templates that you can choose from. These are prebuilt sites with a specific design that you pick and can then get customized for your business.

These will obviously be much less expensive because the company or freelancer doesn't have to make an entirely new design for you site but instead just alters the design making the project much less labor intensive.

The reason e-commerce sites are more expensive on average is because there is a lot more involved with setting up an ecommerce store. Adding products to a store can be time intensive and also means that there are more additional design considerations to be made.

A great way to get a very realistic view of how much your design is going to cost is by looking through the Wix Arena where you can hire freelancers and agencies on your own and check out their prices.

This is day 8 of my 30 day content challenge to bring non-stop, valuable Wix content so that you can make the right decisions for your business. Last post was about the wix blog and give a complete review on all the features and SEO.

But let's talk about what you will need to consider when thinking about your wix website design cost.

Wix Designer Cost

A Wix website designer is a little different than the traditional sense of the word.

Usually when you think of design you think of the person who creates a layout of all the elements, chooses the right colors, font sizes, graphics, spacing, and more.

But a Wix designer should be able to do this AND should be able to actually build your website for you at the same time.

Why? Because Wix is one of the easiest website builders to use and design is almost built in to the process of building the actual site. You can do both at the same time.

This is why templates are much cheaper. Because a Wix designer is not thinking of cost in terms of just creating a visual for your site but they will offer the actual build of the site as well.

Which means that if the actual build of the site is already made, all the Wix designer has to do is plug in your business info into the design and you have a full functioning website. Much different than traditional methods of hiring the designer to create a layout and then needing a developer to actually create it. You get both for the price of one.

Isn't Wix awesome?

I found a Quora thread where someone ask how much a Wix pro would cost, keep in mind this article is about 2 years old BUT the concepts and prices aren't actually much different than today. You should be able to get some valuable insight from here.

Wix Premium Cost

So now that you have an idea of what hiring a designer actually means what else will you need to consider?

One of the major points that people do not seem to understand when using Wix for the first time is that Wix requires you to buy a premium Wix account if you want to benefit from the majority of their features.

Premium Plan Prices

If you have never gone through the web development process then you might not know that every single website on the internet requires some kind of hosting both for your domain name and for your actual site. More on domain cost below.

You can think of a host like a big local festival where there are lots of vendors. Any vendor can put up a shop but you usually have to pay the festival a fee in order to do so.

This is how hosting works for websites. Wix websites have a premium cost you will need to pay if you want to be hosted on their site and access their features, more on this below.

There are several premium plans all with different prices and this article has a published date of March 2019 that breaks down all premium plan prices and comparisons. I would double check with Wix because sometimes these articles just publish a recent date but don't actually update their content.

They range anywhere from $17 - $50 a month but Wix is starting to rollout new packages that will be much more than this because of new software they are integrating. They have released one package at $500 a month right now.

I use the unlimited and I recommend starting at this point if your business is fairly new.

But, Isn't Wix Free?

Yes, yes it is. Wix has a free account that you can use when you sign up for their platform and you can also immediately make and build a website using this account.

But unless you plan on creating a site for your favorite hobby or just start blogging because you really love writing and want to express yourself, I cannot recommend any business using the free version of Wix.

Why? For starters the free version of wix does not come with a custom domain. Which means your website addresss will look something like This is not the best professional presentation you can give your audience.

Wix also has ads that are displayed when you have a free account and there is no way to remove these unless you get a premium account like we mentioned above.

You will not be allowed to benefit from the use of most of the Wix apps because you have to have a premium account in order to access these, like payments, bookings, music, etc.

Wix Domain Cost

As I mentioned above there are two cost associated with hosting your site. Domain and website host.

We went over the website host and the domain actually works the same way as the analogy with the local festival and vendors.

You pay a company to host your domain name so that you can have a custom domain address like

The cool thing about wix, and to be honest Wix is BY FAR the leader in this concept, is that they are attempting to have everything about websites in one place.

Which means that they will actually host your domain name for you. This is a MUCH better option then purchasing a domain from a company like Go Daddy.

Reason being is that when your domain host is the same as your website host you only need to contact one person for support. Less moving parts in your business means less time spend troubleshooting.

Wix offers FREE domain hosting for a full year if you buy one of their yearly premium accounts but otherwise is $14.95 a year.

There Has To Be Some Wix Hidden Cost

You would be right to assume there are some Wix "hidden" cost that you need to consider.

Ascend by Wix

And when I say "hidden" I really mean these aren't mentioned when buying your premium account and you will ultimately find out by trying to get that one thing you really want and then realizing it was too good to be true and that, of course, it cost money.

Most of the Wix apps like the booking calendar, events calendar, or store all come with a premium account but there are some more nuanced parts that you will have to pay extra for.

It's hard to say exactly what parts you need to pay for because wix is constantly changing their platform and upgrading their product to satisfy their customers but, for example, if you wanted to post one-on-one events instead of a group event using the app it would require an upgrade.

The same can be said for apps that are not built by Wix that you add to your site.

You will also inevitably run into Wix Ascend. I personally think Wix Ascend is AMAZING and probably the piece of the puzzle that finally puts Wix, no questions asked, as the number one site builder on the internet. Even over Wordpress.

So what's so awesome about it? Well, Wix Ascend is basically an all-in-one CRM system that you can run right from your dashboard. Email marketing, social media marketing, customer management, task management, price quotes, and invoicing.

Of course all this comes with a price. Some of this will come with premium accounts but other parts of this process will need to be upgraded in order to access the benefits.

Wix is still building out this side of their platform but as I said before this is the best product I have seen a website builder create on the market. If you are looking for a website that keeps everything in one place so you don't have to get confused dealing with 5 different platforms, Wix is where you need to be.

Mercado Wix Design Takeaways

1) Understand that a Wix designer should actually build your site as well. Because of this the prices might seem high but you don't need to hire a developer to build your site because it will already be done for you.

2) There are several cost associated with getting a site up and running for the world to see. Domain hosting, website hosting, designer fee, extras, and with Wix you can get EVERYTHING in one place. For me, this makes it a no brainer.

3) Wix is becoming the best website builder on the market because they continue to innovate their product for both agencies and businesses. It would be best to at least see everything the platform has to offer.


This is day 8 of my 30 day content challenge to bring you non-stop, valuable content on the Wix platform so you can make the best decisions for your business. Check out the last post that covers a complete Wix blog review and everything you need to know to star one.

If you find this content both HIGHLY valuable and EXTREMELY helpful then signup for this blog by clicking the link below this post so that I can know that this is actually benefitting my community and the type of content you want to see!


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