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How To Use The Wix Video Maker

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

If you are producing content in this day and age then you are probably familiar with the amount of work it takes to create, edit, schedule, post, promote, follow up, and be consistent with all the new tools and platforms.

This is exactly why Wix has added their Video Maker and Social Post sections to the dashboard. This allows you to create videos with your own design instantly and be able to add this to your site or in a social media post.

Both of these are included in your Wix premium account and there is no reason to upgrade your Ascend package for these two apps. If you are curious about what comes with the Ascend package and how much it is then read through my ultimate guide.

Let's take a look at each section and go through the process of creating, adding, and sharing a video.

Making a Wix Video

1. Log into your Wix account and select the site you want to make a video for

2. Click on the "Marketing Tools" tab on the left-hand side menu


3. Click on the "Video Maker" tab on the left hand side menu


4. Click the blue "+ Create New Video" button on the top right of the Video Maker screen and choose your dimensions between square, landscape, and portrait. Keep in mind which social media outlet you plan on releasing to or how this will look on your site.


5. Wix will show you a template that you will be starting from. Click on the "Customize Video" button on the bottom right


6. Now you will in the editing section of your Video Maker. You can edit the content, design, music, and business info. We will cover this section later in the article, when you are done click on the "Apply & Preview" button on the bottom right


7. Wix will take a minute or two in order to process your video. When this process is finished, click on the "Save and Share" button on the bottom right. This will take another minute or so and the video will automatically be stored in your media manager.


8. Now you will have the option to either share your video directly to Facebook or Youtube or to download the video to your computer. When you are finished click the "Done" button in the bottom right and you will have a brand new video!


When you have a chance to browse the entire section of the video maker you will notice templates have already been created by Wix for portrait, landscape, and square mode. Wix also tells you which platform the format would look best on.


The only way at this moment to view you videos is to go into your media manager. The only way to access your media manager is from your editor.

So in order to view your saved videos you will need to go back inside your editor and click on the media manager from the left-hand side icons and then click on the manage folder.


I can't imagine it will be very long before your media manager can be accessed from your dashboard, especially if Wix continues to push their Ascend package.

Customizing Your Wix Video

The landing screen of customizing your video will be about your content. This means your media and text.


Change these out and understand that the media in your video are going to show from left to right. So the media in the far left spot is going to be the first shown on your video.

You can add more media by clicking on the box at the end of your photos. You can add video, pictures, and gifs.

The text below will show you exactly which frame of the video your text will appear whether that is opening, second, third, or closing.

When you are done with this section move on by clicking the "Next" button in the bottom right or the "Design" tab on the top of the section.


In you design section you will see options to edit the theme colors, font style, orientation, and theme.

This is your opportunity to use your branding colors and a theme that matches you brand closely. There is no way to edit the theme itself or choose from different graphic designs within themes but you are given several options to choose from.

When you are done click on the "Next" button on the bottom right or click on the "Music" tab at the top of the screen.


You will have a LARGE amount of tracks to choose from. So much so that Wix even included a filter option so you can choose music more specific to your taste.

Wix also included a helpful "Recommended" section to choose from their popular selections.

When you are done click the "Next button on the bottom right or the "Business Info" tab at the top of the screen.


This is where you can add any specific business info of your and your logo to the end of your videos. In order to include this you will have to make the button is toggled that says "Include this info at the end of your video.

When you are done hit the "Apply & Preview" button on the bottom right to preview your video. It will take a minute to process but you can view you video before saving and sharing to see if it is good enough or if you need to go back to editing.

Sharing Your Wix Video

Once you have created a video and saved it, you will have three options to share to Facebook, Youtube, or to download to your computer.

Let's take a quick look at sharing with Facebook.

1. Click on the "Upload" button under the Facebook option.


2. You will be able asked to connect your Facebook account. When you do you will be able to edit your title and description. Click on the "Upload Now" button on the bottom right. Your video will be instantly published to Facebook!

Let's do the same with Youtube.

1. Click one the "Upload" button under the Youtube option.


2. You will be able asked to connect your Youtube account. When you do you will be able to edit your title, description, category, privacy settings, and tags. Click the "Upload Now" button on the bottom right. Your video will be instantly published to Youtube!

The ability to share your videos directly to Facebook makes this a very appealing feature for entrepreneurs looking to save valuable time.

Instead of needing to work with a different platform like Canva you can make a video directly from your dashboard and then send directly to Facebook.

Something you can't do with many other editing platforms.


The Wix Video Maker is valuable because of it's ability to easily create your own videos with your own branding and content but also because it can post directly to Facebook and Youtube.

I see this app as a good perk with the Wix Ascend package and a great tool to take advantage of if you are already creating content but there are other platforms on the market who specialize in this kind of video template creation with much more customization.


Using the Video Maker? Got some tips? Comment below if you have any good ideas you want to share with others.

If you learned more about the Wix Video Maker then please share and like this post so that others can learn and use this for their business!

Need help with making videos for your business? Sign up for my free, 10-minute Wix support session where we can go through you issues and find the right direction for you!


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