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Use Wix Tasks & Reminders To Create A Time Management System

If you have ever looked into the Getting Things Done system or any other time management tool, you are going to be familiar with how the Wix Tasks and Reminders app works.

The way the this app works is you create tasks that can help you accomplish a major project, assign a contributor, and then set reminders that will alert you when the task is to be done so you can stay on track with completing your goals.

Let's say you wanted to set major financial goals for the new quarter coming up. In order to accomplish this project you will need to look at last quarters numbers so you could create a task to look up last quarters numbers and set a reminder that will notify you when that task is to be done.

Sync this up with your Wix Contacts List and the Wix Automations app and you can have a powerful system that automatically updates your customer journey and lets you know exactly when you need to take action.

Wix has created a list of helpful how-to's about the task section you can look through to gain foundational material.

All of these apps are part of the Wix Ascend package and to find out what all is included and more information of each read through my ultimate guide.

What this post will cover is how to access the Task & Reminder area, how to use it, and exactly how it works with other apps to create powerful business solutions.

Accessing the Tasks & Reminders

1. Log in to your Wix account and select the site you want to create tasks and reminders for.

2. Click on the "Customer Management" tab on the left-hand side menu


3. Click on the "Tasks & Reminders" button on the left-hand side menu


This will take you to the Tasks & Reminders landing page where you will be able to create, edit, and manage all your tasks. If you have not previously created a task then you will be prompted to do so and if you have already accomplished your tasks you will see a cat drinking tea....probably hibiscus....

On the top left of your section are going to be a couple of filtering options that you can choose from.

One will list different view types to display your tasks and you have the choice of List or Date view. I recommend keeping the Date view so you can have one more reference on when tasks are coming up.


The other filter option can display specific tasks for each contributor you have assigned so you can easily check to see which tasks are assigned to which team members.


When rolling over tasks that have been created you will see an option to edit or delete your tasks.


And by clicking the circle to the left of your tasks you will mark them as complete and they will disappear at the top of your screen and show as a completed task at the bottom of your screen.


You will always be able to see your completed tasks at the bottom of your screen. You can even click on the circle to the left of your completed task to mark as uncompleted and move it back to the top section.

Creating A Wix Task & Reminder

There are a couple of places that you can immediately start making a task and you can do this by clicking the "+ New Task" button on the top right of the screen of the "+ Add Task" button in the middle of the screen.


This will create a blank task where you can fill in all details like a adding a short title, assigning a contributor, setting a due date, and linking to s specific contact.


Once you have added a title to your Task, set a due date. This will be important not only for accountability but to also get reminders about your tasks.


It isn't specifically stated on your screen but reminders are automatically set when you give a specific due date for each task. These reminders can show up a couple different ways depending on your settings.

I want to show you how to access this area quickly because if your notifications aren't set up quickly you wont get the full benefit of this process.

1. To access your notifications from your Tasks & Reminders section, click the "Main Menu" tab at the top of the left-hand side menu


2. Click on the "Settings" tab of your left-hand side menu


3. Click on the "Notifications" tab on the left-hand side menu


This is where you will be able to control exactly how Wix sends your notifications when your tasks are due and other notifications from other apps.

If you are using your Tasks & Reminder app for your time management then there should be no reason you don't have the notifications for desktop enabled. This will ensure you see the notifications from your computer regardless if you are logged into Wix.


You can also decide which notifications you are receiving in your Wix account by channel. These will show as a red number icon next to your name in your Wix dashboard area.


After you have changed your notification settings and set a due date, link your task to a specific contact in your contacts list. If your contact is not in your list you will need to go to your Wix Contacts section and add a new contact.


You will also be able to assign a contributor to the site. This is where you can start to use the tasks and reminders as a tool to afford you more time.


Now you can hire a Wix Partner, make them a contributor to the site, then assign them roles with given due dates that will automatically send them notifications.

This is incredibly useful when managing your Wix site and having the ability to create specific tasks for your team so there is no slack in communication.

After selecting your contributor you will have created your first task!

Editing Your Wix Task

When you rollover your created task you will see two options to Edit or delete your tasks.


In order to edit your task you can either click on the button that says "Edit" or simple click on the task itself and you will jump into edit mode.

To delete your tasks simple click on the delete trashcan icon and you will remove the task.

If you have a contact synced for your task then you will be able to click on that contact's name and see the contact panel pop up on the right hand side.


You can access this panel from other areas of your Dashboard and is very helpful for creating more tasks and reminders for that contact but you can also create invoices and quotes from this panel.

This means you could potentially create a task for yourself on the deadline for a website project to invoice your client, get an automatic reminder on that deadline, access your tasks section, click on the contact name, and then directly send them an invoice.

Now you wont have to worry about keeping it all in your head but trust that your system is set up.

Using Wix Tasks & Reminders With Other Apps

We've been talking about how useful the Wix Task & Reminder system can be if you assign contributors and use the control panel but what about more automation?

Using the Wix Automation app with the Tasks and Reminders app can start getting your site to work for you for a change.

Let's say you have a quote form set up on your site that tells anyone who fills it out they can expect a quote from your business within 24 hours. If you have a lot of people coming to your site this can be more of a burden than a blessing trying to keep up.

But, let's also say that you created an automation on your site that automatically creates a task every time someone fills out your quote form that will automatically remind you to create an quote for them.

When you receive your reminder notification because you followed the instructions above you will immediately access your task section, see your automatically created task, click the contact, and create a quote.

There are so many different ways you could use this automatic system to save you time and headaches. Along with a few other free to use Ascend apps, you should really be taking advantage of creating your own time management system using the Tasks & Reminders.


  1. Wix Tasks & Reminders comes with your Wix premium account and doesn't offer any additional benefits when upgrading to the Ascend package. AKA you should be using this.

  2. This app along with others in the Ascend package are special because of their ability to work together to create powerful systems for your business. Nothing is crazy about creating a task but when you can automatically have one created for you and then easily access what you need to complete the task, it becomes unique.


If you are using the Wix Tasks and Reminders app then please comment "Yes" below and if you are not then comment "No". Curious to see how many are taking advantage of this and if they feel its saving them valuable time.

Like and share if this post helped you learn more about the app and what it's possibilities are. Or message me and let me know what you didn't like! I just care about making it better.

If you need help with understanding the Ascend package or using the tasks and reminders system to your advantage then sign up for a free, 10-minute Wix Support Session so that I can hear your issue and direct you to the best solution.


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