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8 Steps To Submit A Wix Support Ticket

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Wix doesn't make it easy to find ways to get a hold of them. They often rely on their community to get answers for different problems.

I want to give you a quick way to submit a support ticket so that you don't waste time trying to find answers when you need them now.

A Wix support ticket is where you can choose from a list of options Wix has provided that closely relate to your issue. Once chosen these are chosen you can send a customized message to Wix and wait for their response via email.

It isn't very clear how to submit this ticket at first so lets go through step-by-step on getting your ticket submitted.

Steps To Submit A Wix Support Ticket

1. Click here to go to the contact page built by Wix.

2. Choose an option from the categories that best matches you problem. For example, let's say we were having trouble with our editor and it wont let us select an element we need. We would choose the category marked 'Editor, ADI, & Live Sites"

Wix Support Ticket Landing Page

3. Next you are going to continue to choose options from a one or more drop downs that define your issue even further. In our example we are going to choose "Editor" from the first drop down and "Site Element Issues" from the second. On the last dropdown I will select "Unable to select element in editor"

Wix Support Ticket Drop Downs

4. At this point Wix will give us a great suggestion that we can use to solve our problem. It might even give us a link to more resources. Unless this solves your issue immediately our goal is to submit a support ticket so you will want to ignore this and look at the bottom left hand corner of your suggestion. You will see the text "Click to contact". Go ahead and click on this.


5. After all these steps you will finally see two different options for contacting Wix directly. The first is to request a call back but we are going to go with the second option to "Submit a ticket." Click on this option.

Submit A Ticket

6. Now you will fill out 2 fields, one for a title to your problem, and another that contains a message. You want to make your title as specific as possible so that the support team can know immediately what you are looking for. In our example our title might be "Cannot Select Elements In Editor". In your message you will want to describe a little more about your specific issue like in our example we would want to mention if there was a specific element we could not select or what browser we have tried and if we cleared our cache and history.

Wix Support Ticket Fields

7. You will also want to add attachments to your support ticket. This part is vital. If you can make a short video about your issue then I would recommend doing that above a picture. Let the Wix team see exactly what is happening on your computer so they know you aren't just mistaken and that your issue is real. This wont change how fast they get back to you but it will make them understand you better.

Wix Support Ticket Attachments

8. Go ahead and click the submit button and you are finished! Now it's time to wait for a Wix response. The support team is open 24 hours a day so you will always get a response, even over weekends.

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back?

Usually you can expect to hear back and get an email from Wix within 24 hours but I have had certain situations where it has taken a day or two.

I also have had situations where I heard back from Wix within an hour. I was only requesting a quote for an article on the Wix support number (you should not call this number if you need help) so I didn't need any actual help.

This is the most sure way to get a response from Wix and you can continue to do your work while waiting.

Keep in mind that when you are communicating with Wix through email that this can take several hours or even days to clarify and get an answer to your solution. There are plenty of more immediate ways to find help you can check out here.

How Is The Support From Submitting A Ticket?

I have always had pretty good experiences with the Wix team when submitting a ticket but I don't do it often.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, Wix relies heavily on their community for most of the real support. Which means Facebook groups and forums are really where people get immediate and actionable help.

If you want to read more on those then head over to my ultimate guide post on finding Wix SEO.

Wix is always very professional in their responses and will continue to try and help you as much as they can through a series of emails but I have found that if you are sending more than 3-5 emails with them chances are you aren't going to find the help you need.

The more complicated an issue is and the more you need a back and forth, this may actually make the situation more confusing instead of providing more communication to clarify.

Try to keep your replies as succinct as possible and always add attachments if possible. Adding attachments are a great way to clarify your issue instead of writing everything out.


  1. Submitting a ticket isn't readily available but follow the steps above and you will be able to find you way.

  2. Adding video or picture attachments will help the support team know exactly what you issue is and is a great way to clarify your problem.

  3. Submitting a ticket means email communication. This can take the course of several hours or even several days. If you issue is more immediate then find the facebook groups to get help.


If you have more questions about submitting a ticket or have a suggestion then please comment below so I can help you better. Like and share this post if you found it to be valuable so others can use this resource as well!

If you need help with your Wix problems and would like to talk to me for free, sign up for a support session and schedule on your time. I'd love to help and thanks for reading!


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