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How To Call The Wix Support Number

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Contacting Wix can be fairly difficult if you don't know where to look or how to get in touch. If only it was easy as picking up a phone and calling Wix and getting their support...

The number for Wix support is 1 (800) 600-0949 and you will be able to call this number at any time. You will reach a voice answering service that directs you to either visit or to request a call back.

Wix Support Number

That's it....

No actual help or support but just a reminder that other options are available for you online. For the purpose of this post I am focusing on the support number Wix provides but if you need general support and want to know where to find it please look through my Ultimate Guide To Wix Support.

So what actually happens when you call the number, why does Wix feel they need to provide a number if there is no real use and where can you find real support when you need it?

Calling The Wix Support Number

If you are one of those people who still needs more details even though you understand the number isn't very functional I have you covered!

Call the number listed above and you will get a half ring, maybe a full ring, and then the Wix voicemail will take over from there.

The exact message you will hear is from a male's voice and it will say,

Hello and thank you for calling To get immediate help, please visit on your desktop where you'll find instant answers to our most common questions. Remember its and if you don't find what your looking for there, you can request a callback with one of our wix agents. Thank you for calling Wix and have a great day.

The voicemail will continue another version in Spanish and then another version in, what I believe, is Portuguese. The Portuguese version is the only women's voice.

If you are actually needing help with your Wix site then it wouldn't make a lot of sense to use this number for any reason since the alternatives that the voicemail recommends will be available in a quick google search for "wix support."

What Are The Alternatives?

The alternatives the voicemail recommends are going to the site and requesting a callback. is a great resource for trying to find an article that Wix has written about your issue.

It gives you a list of categories to choose from and then continues to define your problem through a series of dropdowns.

Once you pick all your options, Wix will offer a quick suggestion or an article that they have written that is supposed to help solve your issue.

All of the suggested articles come from the same place which is the Wix help center.

The help center is actually a fantastic place of article resources about everything Wix. This is great to learn and read more about Wix and I have received very valuable information from this resource but it also isn't a human...

Which is probably what you were looking for in the first place.

The only option where you get to speak to a Wix employee is by requesting a call back from Wix.

Finding out how to request a callback isn't the easiest thing to do since Wix likes to cut down on the amount of calls they receive. This is the same reason they want to send you to the help center.

To request a callback you want to visit and then choose you category and following options. Once you get a suggested answer for your Wix problem DO NOT click on the link they suggest but instead click on a link in the bottom left corner. See picture below.

This is where you can submit a request to receive a call back from Wix. I have had good success when talking to Wix but the support team doesn't seem to be fully trained on the customer service side of things so it's important you know what you talking about.

For more immediate support options like Wix Facebook groups and forums then read through my Ultimate Guide To Wix Support.

What Does Wix Have This Number?

If the number doesn't do anything then why have one at all?

This number is Wix's internal phone line so they use this number for a a variety of reasons.

If you do request a call back you will be receiving a call from this same number. So although you can't actually talk to anyone when you call, Wix still uses this number for their phone services.

Here is a quote from a Wix representative I received when asking about the number's function:

Thank you for contacting Wix Support. The number you are referring to is our internal phone line. When you receive a callback from a Wix agent, you will receive the call from the number 1 (800) 600-0949. Calling this number will play a voice recording with instructions on how to request a callback from a Wix agent. You would not be able to connect with a Wix agent by calling this number directly. I hope you found this information helpful. Thanks for contacting Wix! 

Again, no real reason to call this number if you are looking for real support.


1. Don't call the support number. Go directly to, pick a category that matches your issue, continue to pick options from the dropdowns, and then click on the link in the bottom left corner. This is where you can request a call back and talk to a real Wix employee.


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