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Best Immediate Wix Support Options

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Learning the Wix platform can be extremely rewarding to take control of your own online presence but in order to reach this control you actually have to learn the platform... and this can cause so...much...pain....

I know...It's hard...

For me, becoming a Wix Partner would not have happened without a GENEROUS amount of support from specific individuals that I will mention later and a collection of all different kinds of resources on the internet.

Because it turns out that learning a continually changing platform and trying to become an "partner" means that you ask a LOT of questions. I also found out that the very definition of being a Wix partner means that you either 1. Were there since the good ol days Or 2. Are willing to spend more time then anyone else figuring it out.

So my hope in writing this post is to give you the most current, up-to-date, list of Wix resources as possible so that you don't have to waste as much time as us partners do running all over the internet town.

Let dive in....

Table of Contents

  1. Wix Support Number

  2. Wix Customer Service Hours

  3. Wix Support Chat

  4. Wix Support Ticket

  5. Wix Callback

  6. Wix Forums

  7. Facebook Groups

  8. Wix Created Help

  9. Wix Arena

  10. Conclusion

Wix Support Number

A quick google search will give you a number to call right at the top of the page. Look to the picture below in case you aren't able to get there for any reason.

Wix Support Number


The number is an automatic voice message that will direct you to and also lets you know that you can request a call back which I cover later in this post.

If you're curious about what that voice message actually says (I actually wrote it out for you!) or you want more information then head over to my post about the Calling The Wix Support Number.

Just to clarify, there is no actual number to call where you will receive help. The only way to talk with a Wix representative is to request a call back during their open hours.

Wix Customer Service Hours

Wix customer service hours are different for each service and you can expect their phone support to be open 24/7 for English, Mon-Fri 3am-8pm EST for Spanish, Mon-Fri 5am-5pm PST for Porteguese, and Mon-Fri 8am-5pm GMT+1 for Italian.

Visit the Wix resource center to read more about these hours and find other similar information.

The support ticket covered below is a 24/7 operation so if you need to contact Wix immediately and the center is closed, this is going to be your best option.

Wix Support Chat

Wix does not actually offer live support chat with their customer service so if you want to help out the community and let Wix know how important you feel this is, click here to vote for this feature.

This is kind of a bummer since most newer companies are offering these types of services and with customers having a shorter and shorter expectation of when they receive help, Wix could really benefit from offering this service.

I know most companies are starting to use AI for their chat services and wonder if Wix plans on doing the same.

It does seem at times like Wix has a different strategy when dealing with the customer service that I will talk more about in my takeaway section at the bottom of this post.

Wix Support Ticket

If you search this in google you will come up with some good support around finding a solution for your problem but it will be difficult to actually find out where you can submit a support ticket.

This is what I recommend.

1. Click here to go to the Wix contact page.

2. Choose the category you need help with and then continue picking out options from each drop down until you get a recommendation from Wix about how to solve your issue but DO NOT click on their recommendation.

Contact Wix Landing Page

3. Instead, at the bottom left is a link that says "Click to Contact". Go ahead and click that link. See picture below.

Click on the "Click to contact" button

4. Now you will see two options and one that says "Submit A Ticket". Fill out the details and click submit!

This is 24/7 help so if the call center is closed I would immediately submit this ticket. If you do it before you go to bed there is a good chance you will get a response by morning.

I also broke down each of these steps in detail and gave my best advice on how you can be prepared to get the most help for you problems in my 8 Steps To Submit A Support Ticket post.

Wix Call back

Submitting a ticket is only one option that you have to receive help from the Wix team.

"Request A Wix Call Back" is the other option and you will be able to input your phone number and receive a place in line for a call back from Wix.

I have had pretty good success using this option and have ALWAYS received a call back.

Now, I will warn you, some of the customer service agents have not had much training or experience in actual customer service but they do know a thing or two about the Wix platform and will be able to access your site and work in the editor for you if needed.

They also have an option to access your computer remotely if you still are receiving the help you need.

I find that using this can be very helpful, but I could also see being frustrated by the experience if I didn't know a lot about the topic I was talking to them about because you will not get a ton of personal support along with your technical support.

There are two tiers to the call back system. Front line support is who you will mostly be talking with and if they can find a way, they will. If they can't end up solving your problem then they will send your issue to the next level to see if their advanced support team can help. This is the last line of support for your call back.

Sometimes you will wait forever to try and get a hold of advanced support and sometimes you might even wait forever and get cut off.

To know what you should expect and how to show up completely ready to get the most help out of your call read my 7 Steps To Request A Wix Call Back Using Your Phone Number post.

Wix Forums

Not to be confused with the very literal Wix Forum Community which exist for the purpose of discussing the app of the same name that we will discuss below, there are several forums that wix has built for its users.

You have the Wix Corvid (used to be Wix Code) Forum, the Wix Forum Community, and the Wix Blog Forum.

All three of these can be extremely helpful finding previous questions already answered about your problem. The best part is that the moderators on here are either working with Wix or for Wix so you are getting amazing help with people who have the ability to jump inside your editor and help you.

Wix Code (Corvid) Forum

Wix re-branded their code recently into Corvid and there are several places you can find help and I would go ahead and say these are some of the more exciting forums because of the potential you can see for the Wix platform.

Corvid by Wix

The Wix Corvid Forum is where you will find thousands of questions asked about anything corvid.

If you see Steve Cropper or Andreas Kviby, they are both fantastic at helping Wix entrepreneurs with their code.

You can also find lots of Wix moderators here who will be able to access your editor and help you if needed and if they have time.

I don't have a lot of success with using this method. There seems to be more questions than can be answered with the current amount of moderators and I typically don't receive help till I have already figured out my problem.

Corvid Forum Landing Page

Wix Forum Community

The home for this community was built by Wix to support the users who added the Wix Forum App to their site.

The community is active and post daily and there is also a great section called the "Wishlist" where you can share you ideas about what you need added to the forum app. If you post gets enough attention Wix might actually make the change!

Like the other forums we will mention, use the search function so that you can make the most out of other people questions and find answers that are already there instead of waiting around for yours to be answered.

Click here to get started.

Wix Blog Forum

If you enjoy content marketing as much as I do then you probably already know about this forum.

Wix has provided this home for users who have added a blog to their website and inside you will find post for discussions, updates, a wishlist, and even an area to share your own blog!

The community is consistent but not so much active. You will find great information for small bugs you can't seem to figure out with the new blog.

You can explore the community at your own pace by clicking here.

Wix Facebook Groups

This is honestly where you are going to find the bulk of your support. Experts are hanging around here as if its the lunch cooler and they're just talking shop about different Wix tricks and tips.

It's a treasure cove of great info that you can use for your site. A pro tip is to use the search function on the left hand side of your screen to check if your questions already have an answer waiting for you.

Here are the most helpful groups you will find.

Totally Codable

This is a Facebook group made by Nayeli Gomez and is actually one of the first places I started using regularly and also one of the most helpful communities for Wix code out there.

Nayeli has youtube videos you can find if you search for "Code Queen" and continues to produce videos that push what is possible with Corvid. Use the search function in this group to get more specific for your problem.

If you happen to get some help from Salman in this group from he is absolutely one of the best around.

I was using this group a TON when I first started freelancing. Great for beginners to start learning more about how to use Wix Code.

Wix Training Academy

One of the biggest faces in Wix is Michael Strauch and his Wix Training Academy.

If you have looked for support on youtube then you have probably seen his videos because they are fantastic and everywhere.

Michael started his own Facebook Group called "Wix Training Academy" and much like the Corvid facebook group, this one will have lots of fellow Wix entrepreneurs and freelancers providing free advice for one another.

His videos are fantastic and I highly recommend giving them a look to see if he has already gone over your problem. The facebook group was not as big as others so it was not as active as the one I mention below but you will still find help here and can expect answers within 24 hours.

Wix Fundamentals For The Wix User

I promise you I will not list every single Wix Facebook group on the internet but with over 5,500 active members, I wouldn't be providing much help if I didn't list this one.

The group recently went through an admin change but is going just as strong as ever.

Questions are asked every single day about all kinds of Wix topics.

David Bower is the new admin of this group and was chosen because of his incredible dedication to providing free help in the group for a while. He has even started his own Youtube channel providing even more support!

Like any other Facebook group there is a great search option on the left hand side of your Facebook screen that will allow you to go through all the older post to see if your answer is already waiting for you!

Wix Created Help

If you are just looking to learn a lot more about your problem or maybe you are adverse to reaching out to others on the internet, but whatever the reason, Wix has created some great resources for you to feel proactive about finding a solution.

The Wix Help Center is the best place to go to learn straight from the source about any topic you can imagine. Articles upon articles on all things Wix.

The Wix Corvid API Reference Sheet is a fantastic resource to get you started learning how to code or fixing a bug in the code someone else wrote for you. This resource tends to be a little too technical for most people starting out so I would stick with watching youtube videos and asking questions in forums if you are having a hard time going through everything.

Heck, if you have a brilliant app idea and need to get it to market then use their web development center to learn all you can.

Wix Arena

If you are tired of trying to find the support or simply don't have the time to go through everything then I suggest going straight to the Wix Arena and hiring a Wix Partner.

There are not a lot of qualifications to become a Wix Partner and the more the community grows, the more others will see this as an opportunity instead of a genuine service. So make sure you create relationships with your designers and developers or you will be spending a lot of money figuring out how to even start your project.

Wix Arena Landing Page

For a full look into how to get the most out of your Wix Partner read through my post on finding and hiring the right partner for you.


  1. Getting support on the Wix platform means piecing together several different tools to get the help you need. Make sure you understand how to use each of these resources to get the best results possible for your issue.

  2. Wix has created tons of videos and articles to try and give you the information you need, but they are focused on growing their software and making new features. They have shown that they rely on the community for one of their main support systems. Reach out to Facebook groups and forums to give yourself the best chance at finding help.

  3. If you need to hire support, understand that some of these "partners" are trying to make money off of businesses just like yours. If you aren't informed on what you need or how to explain your issue, you are going to run into a lot of freelancers who are going to take your money, give you what they think you want, and move on.


If you have created a Wix resource group and would like to be mentioned above, please reach out to me letting me know about what you have started and provide a link so that I can check it out.

Finding all of these resources on your own is NOT EASY!

If you know how hard it is to find the support you need when you are building on Wix, please share this with others so they don't waste more time searching for the help they need instead of actually getting it!

To make finding your support even easier, I offer free, one-on-one, 10-minute Wix Support Sessions you can schedule at any time that works for you so that you don't have to waste another second! Good luck and keep building!


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