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5 Steps To Create, Edit, And Share Wix Social Posts

No one could have predicted the influence social media has had on our businesses and our lives but in today's world there is no getting around it.

To make sure entrepreneurs and small businesses have a chance at keeping up with the insatiable lust for content, Wix has created an easy to use social post maker that allows you to create, edit, and share your post to the world in minutes! You can also manage your previous post, duplicate previous designs, and check to see which post have been added to your social media.

One of the best parts about the Social Post maker is being able to directly post to Facebook and share to Instagram but what is even better is that you can schedule your post when you upgrade your Wix Ascend package!

Social post are only part of the package when you upgrade so in order to understand exactly what comes with your upgraded package and how much it cost, read through my Ultimate Guide To Wix Ascend.

Let's dive in and break down the steps to creating, editing, and sharing your posts and understanding a little more about each step.

Creating Your Social Wix Media Post

1. Click on the "Marketing Tools" tab on the left-hand side menu


2. Click on the "Social Post" tab on the left hand side menu


3. Click on the "New Post" button on the top right of your screen


4. This is where you will be able to edit your post theme, content, and graphics. Once you are done editing your post, click on the "Next ->" button on the top right of your screen. Once you click this button your post will be automatically saved in your "Manage Post" section.


5. On this screen you will be able to share your social media post directly to Facebook and you will be able to send your post as a text message to your phone for Instagram. More on this option later in the article. You can also download the post to your computer as well as schedule your post for a later which we will also cover later in this article. For now, click on the share option of your choice and you are all finished!

After sharing, you can double check your social media accounts to make sure your post are connecting and displaying the post you created in Wix.

Let's talk a little about the landing page of your Wix Social Posts section so you can feel comfortable navigating throughout.

When you first land on the Social Post area you will see a "Today's Pick" section that is provided by Wix as inspiration to what you will be creating for your social post.


Clicking on the "Create Post" button in this section will let you start editing the template that wix has show. In our example we would immediately be editing the template about your favorite flavor of ice cream.


Scroll down the screen and you will see a section called "Explore All Templates" that will give you a ton of great templates that can get you started in creating your post. Roll over the template you would like to use and click on the "Edit Template" button to get designing.


You will also see a button to "Start From Scratch" that appears on the bottom of your screen. You would think that this brings up a blank template you will need to create from scratch but this actually brings up a very simple template with text and a background you can start editing from.


On the top right of your screen you will notice there is a button called "Manage Post". Let's explore this section a little.


This section is going to be where you manage all of your previous made post, scheduled posts, and all posts that have been sent directly to Facebook. If you have already made a post using the Social Posts Maker then it should already be showing on this landing page.


Each post already created will have the date and time it was last edited. Rollover each post and you will see a button to "Edit Post" and three dots in which you can share, download, duplicate, and repeat.


The duplication is very important if you want to create a line of post with the same theme and just want to change the content. This will save you valuable time. You can also reshare the same post if you have a weekly recurring theme like "wish wednesdays" or "taco tuesday" and you don't want to have to redesign the post every time.

Clicking on the "Scheduled" tab at the top of your section will take you to view all of your scheduled posts that you have created.


In order to use this section you will need to upgrade your Wix Ascend plan. There are three different tiers of the Ascend plan so lets quickly show what you will get for your Social post maker when you upgrade to each.

  1. Ascend Basic - 5 scheduled social media post/month

  2. Ascend Professional - 20 scheduled social media post/month

  3. Ascend Unlimited - Unlimited scheduled social media post/month

The last section of your Manage Post area is the "Shared to Facebook" section. Much like the "All" section you are able to see which post you have shared to your page and duplicate or download the post.

Now that we have explored all there is about creating and navigating the Wix Social Posts Maker let's go through the steps of editing.

Editing Your Wix Social Posts

Once you click the "+ New Post" button on the top right of your screen you will land on the editing area.

The left hand side of your screen will have a menu where you can go through each section and change your post to exactly how you want it.

You can always delete everything on the screen and start from scratch or you can choose one of the designs that Wix has already laid out for you.


After choosing your design click on the background icon on the left-hand side menu. This is where you will be able to choose from any solid color of your choice or any image that Wix has provided or that you want to upload yourself.

After choosing the background of your choice you will be able to edit this background. Simply click on your background on your social post and you will see three options. You can "change background" which will take you back to the menu on the left hand side, you can edit your background, or crop your background.


Editing your background will give you a whole range of options for you to tweak exactly how you want and is the exact same options you have to edit any of your photos.


The crop function will allow you to zoom in or out of your photo depending on your dimensions.


After you wrap up the background you want, click on the text icon on the left-hand side menu and choose from a variety of headline styles that Wix has provided for you.


If you want to edit your text to match a specific style you are going for simply click on the text in your post and you will see options for font size, opacity and color, line height, character spacing, delete, duplicate, and you can even change the arrange you elements by moving them back or forward.


After you text is exactly how you want it, click on the graphics icon on the left-hand side menu. Here, you will be able to upload your own image or logo or select from the library that Wix has provided. You will be able to access your media manager here for previous uploads or the full list of Wix media.


Click on any of the graphic elements on your post and you will be able to change the opacity, color, delete, duplicate, and arrange the graphics by moving them forward or backward.


Sharing Your Wix Social Posts

Wix has made it extremely easy to be able to share your post directly to your Facebook and to be able to access your post easily to post to Instagram.

Once you connect your Facebook account to Wix and finished editing your social post you will see the page to share you post.


All you need to do is fill in the description which will show right above your picture on your Facebook page and click the "Share Now" button. It's really that simple!

Wix will even have a link directly to your Facebook page after you share your post so that you can double check to make sure everything is working correctly.

Instagram is a little different...

Instagram is notorious for not allowing third party apps to post directly to their platform. This means that most of these third parties claiming to "post directly to instagram" really just allow you to design your post, even schedule it, and then will only give you a reminder that you need to make the post yourself.

This is similar to what Wix has set up for you.

On the Instagram share screen Wix will ask you to choose your country and then will ask for your phone number.


Once you enter this information and click the "Share Now" button on the bottom right of your screen you will immediately be sent a text message with a link.


Clicking on this link in your text message will open your mobile browser and display your picture. Then you can save your picture to your phone, open up your Instagram app and make your post from here.

A pro tip for if you are wanting to schedule your Instagram post is to use your Tasks and Reminders area to create a reminder of the exact date and time you want to make your post. Now you will get a notification when you need to make the post and don't have to keep it in your mind the whole time.


  1. Use the Wix Social Posts Maker to easily create, edit, and share your post to Facebook or download directly to your computer. You cannot also get your post sent directly to your phone for easy Instagram usage.

  2. Scheduling your post is only available with the Wix Ascend package. Basic gives you 5 post a month, Professional gives you 20, and Unlimited give you and unlimited amount of post a month.

  3. Set up reminders using your Tasks and Reminders section in your dashboard if you do not want to upgrade your Ascend plan so that you can know, automatically, when your post need to be going out.


The Social Post Maker is only one of several Wix apps that come with the Wix Ascend package and if you are curious about what else is involved then read through my Ultimate Guide here.

If you learned a little more about creating and editing post using the Social Maker then please like a share to let me know that you got some value out of reading!

If you need help accessing your maker or have questions feel free to leave them in the comments or sign up for my free, 10-minute Wix Support Session where I will go through your issues and give you the right direction to find solutions to your problems.


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