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Wix SEO Insights with Nayeli

The second in a series aimed at increasing Wix SEO visibility and giving entrepreneurs using the Wix platform a chance to understand how others like them have successfully grown their sites to rank high in search engines.

Today's insights comes from a women who needs no real introduction in the Wix community and has been teaching and informing users about Wix Corvid for years.

Nayeli Gomez is the owner of Code Queen LLC and founder of Totally Codable. Her contributions to the community have been some of the most influential for entrepreneurs using Wix and have also caused her to get a significant amount of traffic to her site.

If you are not as familiar with Nayeli then one quick search for her Code Queen Youtube channel should show you an example of her work.

She started creating these videos "in November of 2017 right around the time Wix Code (now Wix Corvid) was barely getting revealed to the public by Wix."

Nayeli had been a Wix user for years and embraced the new Wix code feature immediately.

She took full advantage by making videos that were "easy to understand and at a 'beginner level' that invited new users to try it out."

Wix and Nayeli helped make code accessible to many who were intimidated to try but needed more functionality for their sites. Leading to the moniker which was given to her by the community, Code Queen.

But it wasn't until March of 2018 did Nayeli began to see an increase in traffic to her website.

At that time "Wix Code was beginning to get traction and (she) had published content on (her) website that the public was looking for."

She had not even done any SEO work on her site at this point because her main focus had "been to create content that was easy for the public to read and understand."

Once she actually had some momentum and traffic was coming to her site she took a look through the Wix SEO Wiz, her heading tags, google analytics, and added heat maps to see where users were spending the most time.

She did all this herself and has never actually hired an SEO expert.

By doing it herself it helps her to "stay up to date on what to do and what not do based on the latest SEO trends."

Nayeli's example really highlights the truth that it does not have to take a lot of money or SEO experts to connect with others and provide immense and genuine value to build an audience.

By making valuable Wix specific content, Nayeli attracted more and more Wix users who watched her videos.

By getting more views, more subscribers, and longer view times, her Youtube videos started ranking higher in Youtube.

Because they ranked higher in Youtube, Google recognizes this and starts to rank her videos higher in their search results.

What ends up happening is that her older videos began to start ranking higher in search engines but she continued to make new videos at the same time.

So as people see her older videos pop up in Google and click on them to watch, they see that she has a newer video they would like to watch and they click on that as well.

Then her new videos start ranking higher in Youtube and Google and this whole system is known in the SEO community as creating a "content silo".

In just a year and nine months she is already ranking as high, if not higher, than Wix, competitors, sites that are older, and other web building platforms.

All because she made videos on Youtube that connected with the people who were watching.

Not because she optimized her image sizes or decreased loading times but because she focused on helping others and doing something she loved.

Nayeli updates her site about "every month or so" and will take a look through the SEO settings and site content.

I asked if she had one piece of SEO advice for entrepreneurs starting their sites today what would it be.

"Patience and consistency is key. Put in the work. Do the research.  Find out what your target audience is looking for and what they want.  A/B test and find out what is and is not working for your website (don't just assume or guess)."

After highlighting both Michael's story from last week and Nayeli's from this week we can already begin to see some similarities.

They both started by creating Youtube videos and both of them committed to providing immense value before gaining traffic to their sites.

For every Wix user who is wondering how to drive more traffic to your site, simply look at these two stories and question if you are providing as much value for your audience as these two have for theirs.

If you can answer that question then at least you have a starting point to work from.


Do you know someone with a successful Wix site that gets a lot of traffic? I'd love to interview them! Comment below or send me a message with their details so that I can get in touch, share their story, and help others understand what it takes to drive traffic to a Wix site and rank high in search engines!

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