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Wix SEO Insights with Michael Patrick Strauch

With more and more entrepreneurs using Wix to build and grow their sites the question of whether its capable to rank highly in search engines is becoming less and less relevant with more businesses getting their content on that coveted first page.

To help the Wix SEO conversion move forward and raise visibility for the platform I wanted to highlight owners of Wix sites that get a lot of traffic due to their high rankings.

Today's Wix SEO talk is with Michael Patrick Strauch from Wix My Website and Wix Training Academy.

Michael went live with his site in 2012 when he "started creating Wix training videos for YouTube".

Content creation of any kind (video, blog, podcast, etc.) is a great way to get involved in content marketing which is a key component to ranking higher in search engines.

If you create content that is helpful and others find it valuable, Google and other search engines recognize this and will begin to rank your site higher.

The tricky part about this process is that it can often take some time.

For 6 years Michael continued to create content on his Youtube channel for various niche topics including Wix.

It wasn't until 2018 did he begin to focus on creating Wix specific content like how-to videos for adding functionality to your Wix site.

"Wix was growing and so was my content. I began producing more content in 2018 and also re-designed my website."

At this time he began to see the efforts he had put in to making content for 6 years pay off by bringing more people to his website.

With over 27.5k subscribers to his Youtube channel, he is enjoying the biggest benefit of using content marketing as a strategy for SEO marketing.

When you make a video on Youtube today it might not get a lot of views. Chances are it will not get a lot of views.

But, over time as more people come to your channel they might find this video to be one of the best on your entire channel, getting it more and more views and eventually ranking it high in search engines.

As the years go by and you continue to create more and more videos that start ranking high in search engines, that original video could also still be ranking high in search engines.

This is ultimately how you gain huge traffic to your site by having older content that is ranking high while you make new content that also climbs the ranks of search engines.

When I asked Michael about what SEO he had done to the site when he started to notice his traffic increase he told me, "Basics. Google Search Console, Analytics, Wix SEO tool and on-page SEO tactics."

He has now added a blog to his site to incorporate more content creation and increase traffic even more.

He currently has an in-house SEO expert that works on his site and updates it once a week.

I asked Michael what his one piece of SEO advice would be to entrepreneurs growing their sites.

"Be patient. SEO is a long-term strategy, not a sprint. Consistently work on improving and fine-tuning the SEO through researching your analytics."


As the first article in this series I want to know what you think or what you are curious about! If you have questions you wished I would have asked or answers that you need to know then please comment below this post!

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If you know anyone who has a successful Wix site and wouldn't mind answering questions about their SEO journey through email please contact me with their info so that I can reach out.

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Thanks for reading and remember, SEO is not easy and takes work, but with the right guidance and effort you can drive people to your website and message!


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