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Wix SEO Facebook Group

About a week ago I created a Facebook group called Wix SEO Enthusiast and I wanted to explain a little more why I felt this needed to exist.

Listening to the Neil Patel's and Backlinko's of the world and you won't even hear a whisper of the second most popular website builder on the internet, Wix.

And maybe that's exactly what appeals to me most about the platform.

Looking to see if I can accomplish what some are implying is not worth the time and what others are directly saying is not possible.

Wix has come a long way in it's journey to improve its SEO capabilities but yet there is still a strong perception that it wont yield the same results as Wordpress.

But in my experience digging deep into the world of SEO I've seen some pretty terrible Wordpress pages get to the front page of Google for somewhat competitive keywords.


Because the user doesn't care what the site is built on or how long it is or how many keywords it has.

They care about the quality of the content and whether that is worth their time.

Right now I have a couple dozen keywords I'm tracking that continue to rise in ranks as my site authority grows and I have several on the second page of results.

I've never started a blog before this business and have not been studying SEO for years.

What is becoming clear is that it is possible to rank on the first page of Google using Wix but you must understand what moves the needle and work hard improving your returns.

So if it is possible to rank highly on Wix if you know what you're doing then how do you change the perception?

Wix is doing their part by starting challenges to see who can rank for a specific phrase using Wix.

But the perception won't really change until website designers and developers began to promote Wix as a viable option because they are the gatekeepers.

They are the experts spending more time on the platforms than anyone.

By giving professionals on Wix a centralized place to talk about and discuss their success and struggles using the platform we are creating a library of Wix SEO resources for future developers and designers to use to feel more confident improving their SEO.

In order to improve Wix SEO, the platform itself has to be willing to implement new changes and new innovations for what is possible.

So how do you get a multi-million dollar business to enact changes and develop new software?

The most effective strategy that has shown to work again and again with Wix is to create a large voice from the community about specific areas that need to be changed.

Wix does a great job at creating voting systems for requested features to be built that any user can use to let Wix know what they feel is important.

But Wix also listens to large gatherings of users, whether that be on forums they have built like the blog community or forum community or larger Facebook groups like Wix Fundamentals For The Wix User, Totally Codable, or Wix Partners.

By creating a centralized place for users to document and build resources about Wix SEO we are creating a collective voice that can be used to communicate with Wix about what we feel needs to be changed.

I'll be documenting my own SEO journey and resources I'm using along the way but I highly encourage you to join the conversation and add what you feel can be relevant for growing the possibilities of Wix SEO!

Click this link to be a part of the community and talk with others like you who are trying to rank in search engines and grow their site traffic!


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