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Why Purchase A Wix Premium Template?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Setting up a website and growing your online presence can be exhausting when you are trying to keep up with SEO, design, functionality, email, content, and more.

So what better way to jump ahead in the entrepreneurial line than purchasing a Wix premium template for your business?

Templates for Wix sites are available all over the internet and Wix themselves provides you with over 500 free templates so why would you need a premium version?

This article will cover exactly why you would need one, how much they cost, and where to find the best ones.


Table Of Contents

  1. What Are Wix Premium Templates?

  2. 5 Considerations To Keep In Mind

  3. Where Can I Find Wix Premium Templates?

  4. How Much Are Wix Premium Templates?

  5. Best Wix Premium Template Examples

  6. Conclusion - Why Buy?


What Are Wix Premium Templates?

As I mentioned above, you can find plenty of free templates so then what's the difference with a premium?

Basically, these are templates that a Wix designer has customized from Wix or have built from scratch that they resell through their website or other platforms. They are only examples only and meant to set up your layout and design.

Currently, Wix does not offer premium templates and you will only be able to find these from Wix designers and freelancers.

If a Wix designer takes a template from Wix and customizes it, they are able to then resell that template as a premium version.

You can also build a site from scratch and designers will use this technique to build completely unique site templates to resell.

These templates will come fully built but with fake content that the designer has used to give you an example of how the site looks. You will need to finish off these details yourself.

I'll talk about some other details to keep in mind in the next section.

The important part to understand is that you purchase a fully built site but will still need to add all of your business details.

5 Considerations To Keep In Mind

When you purchase a premium template there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

First, if you are buying a Wix premium template than you will need a Wix account. These templates are ONLY AVAILABLE for Wix users.

This means you can't buy a Wix premium template and then try to integrate it with Wordpress or Weebly.

Second, you will still need to finish the site. As mentioned above, the template designer is only creating an example for you and when you purchase so you will still need to change all the photos to match your business, change colors to match yours, change the text for your business, logos, email connections, business info, SEO, and more.

You basically choose the template you want based on the layout and aesthetic and all details still need to be finished.

Third, check to see if the template has responsive design. This means that the website should look good on all platforms. There is no real reason to buy a site that only looks good on desktop if a majority of people use their phones nowadays.

Fourth, check to see if your template has Wix Corvid (wix code) on the site or not. If your template includes code but you have no idea how to change it or what it does then you might not be using the site to its potential or will want to find a template without it.

Fifth, understand that in order to have your site live to the world and have a custom domain address you will need a premium Wix account as well as purchase a domain and connect it to your account. I imagine in the future you will be able to purchase all of these together from a designer or freelancer but they are rare at this time.

Where Can I Find Wix Premium Templates?

There are several places where you can find Wix Premium Templates.

The best and most trustworthy site I have found is Wix Pro Themes.


By far, their selection and quality towers over other templates I have seen. I believe all of their sites are multipage and they offer services to help customize your template or build one from scratch for you.

There is another site you may come across by Premium Wix Templates that I cannot recommend at this time. I don't know this business personally and have not purchased from them but there are some odd things happening.

There are only 2 templates that are currently available which are the two displayed above the fold on the homepage. All the rest of the template details just link back to the homepage.


Also, several of the "templates" for sale look like free Wix templates that you do not need to pay money for. This accusation is based on the thumbnail provided but when you click on the details it just leads you back to the homepage so there isn't any actual way to see if the templates are customized or not.

Again, strange...

I believe this site is owned by the same business that runs Wix Pro Designers.

This site has the exact same issues as the other. No real templates available and they seem to offer free Wix templates as their own. On this site though there are working demos of the "templates" and they are definitely free Wix templates that you can choose on your own and do not need to pay money for.

I do not recommend either of these sites.

Etsy is a great place to check out different premium templates. The best part about using this platform is the peer review system. You can see what others think of the work or if anyone has even purchased any. You'll find out pretty quick who the best sellers are.

How Much Are Wix Premium Templates?

I haven't purchased any of these templates but after looking through all sites and comparing prices this is what I have found.

Wix Pro Themes offers templates at a set $149. All 27 are the exact same price but the site offers customizations starting at $699 and full site builds starting at $1500.

I saw several Etsy templates going for as low as $21. Although not the same quality and complexity as other templates, these are still very good sites and decent for quick need of a wedding site or portfolio site.


The prices do vary on Etsy but nothing over $100. I wouldn't recommend these for a serious business but they do well for special occasion sites.

When thinking about the price it's important to remember that time is also a price and if you are going to buy a template someone is going to have to customize to fit your business's needs.

Best Wix Premium Template Examples

Below is a list of high quality Wix premium templates that are great for different aesthetics and needs.

Studio Madison


Wix Pro Themes - There's a maturity about this site that becomes timeless. Its distinguished but remains modern and relevant to the design that we see around the internet for interior designers, fashion magazines, and furniture sites. Great layout, use of fonts, and pictures.

Imagine Travel


Wix Pro Themes - Another great use of great photos and some clever use of strips and columns with parallax, this site is contemporary and something to have and enjoy in the moment. Perfect for a destination hotel, tourism based business, or even perfume/car sites.

Fashion Blog Design


Etsy Seller - Great use of black, white, and gold colors throughout. The branding is felt through the presentation graphics and the site is simple and to the point.

Conclusion - Why Buy?

Buy a template if you need a site quickly without much work like anything wedding related, special occasions like birthdays or family reunions, special events like a popup store, etc.

You should even consider purchasing a template as a great starting point for your business. Too much money and time is spent on design when businesses need to get up and running. Purchasing a template gets your site live so you can focus on bringing people to the site and growing your online presence.

The only reason for not starting with a template for your business is if you have a specific idea of what you want or if you already have a site and are redesigning your site. You should be tracking data for your site at that point and have a better understanding of the changes needed.


For design and Wix help with your site fill out a form on the contact page and I'll get back with you!

Like, share, love, and hug this post if you enjoyed the read and feel it's helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll answer best I can.


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