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Finding and Buying Wix Paid Templates


Sometimes you just need quality and it gets harder and harder every year to find it.

Wix paid templates are created by independent freelancers or agencies which involve custom built templates that any entrepreneur can use for their business.

You find one you like, purchase, and then either make all the necessary adjustments yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

The reason you would want a paid template over a free one provided by Wix is because the quality is going to be a lot better.

Some of the free templates on Wix have been on their site for at least 3 years.

That's grandfather age in internet years.

So how do you know who to trust? Where can you find the best ones? How much do they cost? Let's find you a template that works for your business.

Does Wix Have Paid Templates?

They do not, unfortunately.

Usually templates are created by individuals and the platforms that host the templates take a cut for allowing designers to sell their premium templates through their site.

Wix hasn't quite gotten to this stage yet but I imagine it's in the plans for a near future.


What you will find is a bunch of free templates that work well for any business in any industry.

As is the same with any template, you will need to change out all the pictures and content to match your business and brand.

This is really the biggest pain about any template. Getting one built from scratch will cost double but getting a template means there is still work to be done.

Instead you will need to look outside of Wix in order to get what you need.

Where Do I Find Them?

There are only a couple places I recommend for finding Wix paid templates on the internet.

Wix Pro Themes has some excellent paid templates that are high quality and well built. Some of the templates involve code so you might need some help setting it up but they are far and away the best ones I have found.

I have also found some decent templates for sale in Etsy. Etsy is perfect because of their peer review and ability to see if the sellers are trustworthy enough to purchase a Wix template through them.

I do feel the need to mention a site that I recommend you DO NOT USE. and are both sites that do not appear to be very trustworthy.

They look to be owned by the same business and have put templates up for sale that are actually free templates you can find in Wix. I would not trust these sites with my money.

How Much Do They Cost?

On Etsy you can find templates as low as $40. These are not exactly great quality and honestly some of these paid templates are worse than the free ones that come with a Wix account.

But if you are needing a quick wedding site or family reunion site then this may be the best way to go.

Wix Pro Themes has every single one of their templates for $150. They also offer a set up service where they will change out all the content for your content but this cost $700. Yikes!

I would recommend buying a template from them and then hiring a freelancer on Upwork or the Wix Arena to finish out the changes.

The only issue you may run into is your new freelancer may not understand exactly how the template was set up. This is common when working with several sources to get your site up but is really the only way to save money if that is your goal.


Wix paid templates are perfect for getting a site set up quickly for your business.

When you purchase a template remember that you will either need to find someone to make all content changes or you will need to put in the time to make these changes yourself.

If you are getting someone else to work on your template then look to Upwork or the Wix Arena where you can find affordable help.


Have you purchased a Wix premium template before? I'd love to hear about your experience since I have never purchased myself. Leave a comment and let me know how things went and your experience.

Like or sharing this post helps me understand the content you all appreciate so please take a second to do that so I can know where my focus needs to be to support you all!

If you need some design work or help setting up your template because you don't have the time I can take a look through everything and get it done quickly. I recommend hourly jobs for this type of work and you can contact me here.

Thanks for reading! Keep up a good attitude and always move forward!


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