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Wix Experts Are Officially Wix Partners


There was no paperwork involved but all Wix Experts have been officially renamed as Wix Partners and is part of a bigger move Wix has introduced to its community.

Recently, Wix reached out to many website development businesses who use their platform in order to propose a partnership by offering premium accounts at a bulk discount.

This was labeled as their Partnership Program.

Now, Wix has taken all of the freelancers and businesses using their Wix Arena, a marketplace for matching Wix developers and designers with entrepreneurs and businesses, who were originally called "Experts" and relabeled them as "Partners".

They did not get rid of the expert name completely though...

They labeled their current support staff "Experts" and have added prompts throughout the Wix platform promoting their new support system and asking users if they need help from a Wix Expert.

This has undoubtedly shaken most of the community.

Without a clear understanding of why this decision was made and without the most important part of any partnership, communication, it left most Wix based businesses feeling undervalued.

Up until this point, Wix has maintained that their platform was a DIY platform meant for smaller businesses and freelancers.

But as Wix continues its incredible growth, it realizes that it's platform is changing.

With this change they are hoping to not ostricize the groups that helped bring the platform to it's current, popular state.

According to some of the Wix community leaders the platform is planning on something much larger in the near future that is supposed to further clarify why the shift in names is happening.

But until that communication is actually happening there is no way for the community to understand what role they will continue to play as Wix grows.

The change does signify that Wix is at least considering the freelancers and businesses that have helped contribute to it's success which gives some hope to the situation.

But another recent Wix marketing effort continues to show the direction that the platform is taking.

Wix recently offered a program that sells training videos and support on how to become a website agency which included a number of leads anyone participating could start with.

Another move to align itself with agencies and give opportunities to its current freelancers and small businesses on how to scale their business to keep up.

I will be updating the current status of the platform and recent changes that continue to shed some light on the direction that Wix continues to take but what is important is to recognize their difference in the vocabulary.

Wix Partners work in the Wix Arena. They are freelancers and web development businesses offering their services to design and build sites.

Wix Experts are what Wix Partners were previously called but are now the Wix customer support staff. They do not offer to design or build websites but they will help with any technical errors.

So far there are not any additional benefits that were offered to Partners when this move took place.

As the platform continues to grow it is obvious that the way it is used as a tool to grow the online presence of any business will change.

Understanding where these changes are headed and how this tool helps specific businesses grow is exactly how to get the most out of Wix.


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