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Using The Wix Contacts List

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Using the Wix contact list is a great way to manage site leads, customers, and other interactions with your site that will save you valuable time when managing your online business.

Anytime someone visits your site and submits a contact form, subscribes to your newsletter, buys a product from your store, or interacts with your site in any way, they will be added to your Wix contact list.

This area will be available when you start your site so there isn't any special upgrades available with Wix Ascend but to find out exactly what does come with the package read through my ultimate Wix Ascend guide post.

Let's break down the contact area of the site so we can understand why this is valuable and how we can take advantage for your business.

We will also understand how the contact list automatically interacts with other areas of your dashboard to create a very easy to use CRM for your business.

Now you don't have to pay for another platform that manages your customer journey since Wix has built one for you.

How To Access Your Wix Contacts List

1. Sign into your Wix account and select the site you want to access the dashboard.

2. Click on the "Customer Management" tab on the left-hand side menu


3. Click on the "Contact List" tab on the left-hand side menu


Wix also has an excellent collection of articles showing you how to access this area and how to complete every function available.

What we will cover is more of a general understanding of all the features and how your business can benefit from a combination of the contact list and other areas of the dashboard.

What Are The Wix Contact List Features?

Landing on the Wix contact list landing page will show all the contacts you currently have.

You will gain contacts by visitors on your site filling out forms, subscribing to your newsletter, buying a product, books a service, and a number of other interactions.

All of these visitors will be added here.

It's important that you are aware of another section of your dashboard called Workflows. This allows you to set up your own customer management system and even automate it using the automations section.

We will cover this a little more later in the article.

Read more about all of the Wix Ascend features to get more context in my full guide here.

Back to the contact list....

New Contact And More Actions

On the top right of the contact list is two different button you can use called "More Actions" and "+New Contact".


By adding a new contact you can fill in their information manually and also add more fields for more information now already provided by Wix.


Save this info and you will have created a new contact! You will immediately by able to see this contact in the list below.

The "More Actions" button will give you a list of options to choose from.

You can import a list that you have already been using either by a CSV file, which is a spreadsheet file, or you can connect your gmail account.

You can also export the list in your current Wix contact area by exporting all of your list or by the labels you have created. Will will cover labels in a little. You also have 3 CSV options to choose from including regular, Google, and Outlook.

If the fields provided by Wix doesnt meet your business needs then you can create your own and manage them from the More Actions button.

You will also be able to create labels for your visitors which will allow you to keep track of your contacts by knowing if they are customers, mentors, partners, etc.

There is another section in the "More Actions" button called "Privacy & GDPR" which is for EU citizen's rights that state they are able to request their customer data or have it deleted.

Filter, Search, And More

You can filter your contacts as well by you different labels you have created or other options like contacted, contact me, subscribed, and unsubscribed.

There is a search bar available for you if you are having a hard time locating a specific contact.

There is a small checkbox on the left side of every contact and if you check this box you will be able to see a new list of options including create invoice, send email campaign, and labels.


Use this option to easily send out your invoices, send a mass email to certain contacts, and choose which labels you want each contact to have.

You can also click directly on the contact which will pull up a separate area allowing you to add any attachments like documents or videos, see if the client has any bookings, manage labels for the contact, add tasks and reminders, and directly message the contact.

Wix Contacts, Automations, And Workflows

I have mentioned it several times in this article but on top of the ability to manage all your contacts, Wix has also developed two other areas that work with your contact list.

Automations and Workflows are automatically connected with each other giving you an entire CRM in your dashboard.

Let's say you added a form to your site on your contact page.

In your Automation section you will automatically have a function turned on that will take every visitor who fills out the form and create a new lead in your Workflow section.


When a visitor sends a message through your contact form this information is going to be collected in your contact list and a new lead is created in Workflows.


This is because your automation is turned on.

You can set up a lot of very helpful Automations for you business.

Once you put in the initial investment setting your system up you can sit back as people flow through your funnel as they contact you.


1. The Wix contact list is free to use with your premium account and there is no upgrading using Ascend so you NEED to be using this for your business if you aren't using any other CRM.

2. Using your Wix contact list is only the beginning because Automations and Workflows can set up a contact funnel for your audience so you wont have to move a finger and every client is still taken care of.


Creating your own funnel in Wix is possible but its only a part of what Wix Ascend can do. Learn more about what comes in the Ascend package in my post here.

If you have any questions about creating your own funnels and CRM in Wix then comment below and I'll get back to you. If you need more personal support then sign up

>> here <<

for my free, 10-minute support session and schedule a time that works for you.

If this post helped you learn more about Wix contacts and you feel others could use this info then please like and share so that I know what kind of content to make!


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