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7 Step Wix Call Back Checklist

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

In order to request a Wix Call Back you will need to visit the page, select a category that matches your issue, choose from the following drop downs, click on the text "click to contact", and submit your number.

Wix does provide an area where you can submit a ticket to communicate your issue through email instead of by phone but unfortunately they do not provide support chat at this time. You can read more about submitting a ticket and other options to find support in my post on Wix support.

This post will break down 7 steps to request the call back and any details to consider when making the actual call!

Steps To Requesting A Wix Callback

1. Start by going to the Wix contact page by clicking here. This will lead you to their support center landing page.

2. Click on the category that closely matches your issue. For example, lets say that we are looking at our live site on different devices and it isn't showing up how we would like. We have built our site according to Wix standards but it is still showing up badly. We would click on the "Editor, ADI, & Live Sites" category.

Wix Contact Landing Page

3. Now we will want to continue to pick options from the drop downs that closely matches our issue. In our example we will want to choose Live Site > Display and Performance > Site looks different on different screens and devices.

Wix Callback Drop Down Options

4. At this point Wix will give you an automated suggestion based on your choices that they hope will solve your problem. But we are sure that we have built our site correctly and need to talk to an actual person so we will ignore this suggestion and click on the text in the bottom left hand corner that says "click to contact".

Wix Callback Click To Contact

5. This is where you will finally see your option to "Talk to an agent" and request a callback. Wix will give you an approx. waiting time but I have personally never seen this go longer than 3 minutes. Not sure if that is the max Wix wants to show or if this is real, live data. click on the "request a callback" button.

Wix Callback Talk To A Support Agent

6. Now you will be able to put your phone number in and a personalized message describing your issue. One opportunity lost here is to provide Wix with attachments that can further show you issues. They have this available for the support ticket but not a call back.

Wix Callback Form

7. Click the "Request Callback" button and you will have submitted your request. Now you can continue your work till Wix calls you.

Request A Callback Process

I have ALWAYS received a callback from Wix.

Once you pick up the phone they will want to confirm your information in your account and also determine which site in your account you are having issues with. If you only have one site then no need to worry.

One thing to keep in mind is that the initial line of Wix support may not be where you get your final answer but by navigating quickly through you needs you can reach the proper support levels.

They will ask you specific questions about your request to understand your issues more closely.

The advantage you have when talking with the support team directly is that they have the ability to go inside your editor to find solutions without you needing to do anything.

They can also access areas of your Wix site that normal users and Wix experts do not have the ability to access.

I had an issue where my browser was showing me that my site was off alignment and I couldn't fix it no matter what I did. When Wix took a look at the site they were not seeing the same issue as I did.

So they had me quickly download a program that allowed them to remotely access my computer!

Using this, they were able to see the problem on my screen which they could not see on theirs and we were able to conclude that it had something to do with my browser.

Wix has access and can do things with that access other developers wont be able to.

If you go through all of these methods and none of them are able to solve your issue and the Wix support agent cannot determine what is wrong they will send your call to the next level of support.

I have had very good success with this having my call sent to a next level of support and then there are times when I have not. It has been hit or miss.

There have been a couple of instances where my call was almost immediately transferred, a next level support agent handled my call, remotely accessed my computer, and fixed my issue easily.

I have had another couple of instances where I waiting on the phone for 20 minutes and then was disconnected and no one called me back...

The problem with being cut off is that you will need to resubmit a request for a callback. Once you get a callback you will not be able to simply tell them that you were on hold and need to be transferred to a higher support agent and actually get that transfer.

This is because part of the Wix support protocol when transferring your call to a next level support agent is that they need to document every reason why they are doing so. So they need to go over your issue all over again and try to help you if they can.

This can be extremely frustrating if you have already been through the pain of this process and then immediately have to do it all over again but this is their protocol.

How Do I Show Up Prepared For A Wix Callback?

There are several recommendations I have for showing up for your callback session with what you need to make sure you get the support you deserve.

- Have you site editor open to the site you need work on. This way you can reference exactly what you are seeing and how it looks on your computer.

- Have your vocabulary defined as much as possible around your issue. Don't spend hours trying to figure out the right words to use but if you make a call and ask them "my thing is broken in the one place" they are going to have a hard time helping.

If you can tell them instead, "my live site is broken when I look at my lightbox" then you are going to get a much better conversation and support.

- Remember that knowing Wix vocabulary will help you get the support you deserve.

- I also recommend using a desktop or laptop to look at your site. Using a tablet will not allow you to get inside your editor and a phone will be essentially useless unless you need specific mobile support.

Make sure you have tried your site on several browsers like chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Make sure you have cleared your cache and history in your browser. Also, try to view you site in a private browser. If you are unsure how to do this then visit this article here that will give you best ways for each browser.


  1. It wont be easy to find a way to request a call back from Wix but follow the steps outlined above and you will be able to talk to a support agent in no time.

  2. Most of the Wix support phone support team are non-native english speakers and more on the technical side of support so make sure you expectations match these realities.

  3. Have you desktop or laptop opened with your editor ready to go. Make sure you know some vocab surrounding your issue and you have already cleared all caches, tried different browsers, and looked at your site in private mode.


If this article was helpful but you are curious what other types of support there are then read over my Ultimate Guide to Wix Support.

Please like, share, and comment if this article helped you take action and understand more about the Wix callback number!

Contact me if you need any help with your Wix site and we can discuss how to support your online presence!


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