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New Wix Blog Scheduled Post

As part of the Wix blog beta testing group I am sent new blog features that have not been released to the general public.

The latest feature has been one the community has been asking about for quite some time and finally Wix has answered our call.

Scheduled post is in Beta for the new Wix blog!

This is a little behind the curve as most blogs allow this capability in order to save content creators time but now Wix has added this and made it easy for anyone to use.

I'll break down how to schedule a blog post below with pictures for each step. Keep in mind Wix might do some tweaking to the feature before they release to the general public so some of these pictures might vary slightly from the finished product.

Not sure when Wix plans on releasing this feature but I assume it won't be too far in the future.

You are only allowed to schedule a blog post no less than 1 hour before your release. You will need to give yourself 1 hour and 1 minute because of the full 60 min requirement

Steps To Schedule A Wix Blog Post

1. Sign in to your Wix account and select the site you want to edit. Click on the "Blog" tab on the left side menu of your Dashboard.


2. Click on the "Create New Post" button on the top right to start a new blog post that we will schedule.


3. Once your post is written you will see at the bottom right a button with three vertical dots. Click on this button and then click the "Schedule Post" option from the drop down.


4. Now you will have an option to pick a specific date and time for your blog post release. Once you are done, click on the "Schedule" button on the bottom right of the popup.


Now your post should be officially scheduled for the exact time and date that you have set!

After writing over 70 blog posts for my business I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospect of saving time having to manually log into my Wix account, accessing the blog section, accessing the post section, accessing the draft section, accessing the individual post, scrolling to the bottom of the post, and then manually publishing the post.

May seem like not so big a deal but but after 70 times it adds up.

Wix has taken it one step further and allowed users to reschedule their post or cancel scheduling altogether.

Canceling your scheduled blog post will send the post to your "Draft Section".

To access this feature, click on the "Scheduled" tab below the Author section.


Click on the "Edit" button of the post you want to reschedule. (It would be nice to have a reschedule option when clicking the three dots next to edit and if there is enough feedback Wix will certainly add this.)

Click on the three dots on the bottom right of your blog post. Click on the "Reschedule Post" option in the drop down. (Notice a new option in the dropdown where you can "Cancel Scheduling". Clicking this will immediately cancel all scheduling and send your post to the "Draft" section.)


Choose the correct time and date you want to reschedule the release. (Notice on the bottom left corner there is a new option to "Cancel Scheduling". Clicking this will immediately cancel all scheduling and send your post to the "Draft" section.) Click on the "Schedule" button to complete rescheduling.



Using the scheduler is going to save a ton of time if you are a consistent blogger and it is also going to lessen the stress and anxiety of getting everything done in a day.

Right now I am working on automating my social media (Facebook, Instagram) and to think about a day where I no longer have to manually post to Facebook, Instagram, and my Blog every single day is mind blowing!

Every site should be releasing content and automating as much of the process as possible should be the main goal of any entrepreneur.

Do yourself a favor and put in the investment upfront to schedule out your blog post for release so that you can focus on more immediate needs for your business.


Are you planning on using this amazing feature?!? If you need another blog nerd to help you release some excitement send me a comment below and we can geek out!

Like or share the post if you enjoyed the read and received some value from the post. This helps me understand how to connect with you all better and support what you really need.

Contact me if you need help setting up your blog or Wix site and we'll talk about the best direction for you to take!


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