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Complete Wix Blog Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

So we are on day 7 of my 30 day content challenge to put out non-stop, value driven content to Wix entrepreneurs and since I have been working with the blog area of Wix pretty closely I wanted to give you a complete Wix blog review!

I'll be honest I haven't really seen much about the Wix blog and I feel that the lack of information on it is causing people to be really hesitant about using the Wix blog.

Wix has done a TON of work on the blog and really the rest of the platform to give its users the best possible experience and stay in line with the rest of the online blogging world.


So how good is it? What can it do? Is it good for SEO? How do I make my wix blog successful?

Let's get into it....

Is Wix Good For Blogging?


But this wasn't always the case...

Wix is always improving their platform but for the past two years they really have caught up to what is happening in the rest of the blogging sphere.

They completely upgraded their blog and now have two separate versions, the New Blog and the Old blog. More on this below

They have also added a bunch of SEO options for your blog so that you can actually compete with other sites for the first page of google.

The customization options for your blog have just been expanded and you can now customize the page all your individual post show up on for your blog.

So if you have been listening to the same folk who checked out the wix blog 2 years ago, don't believe their stories on how the internet hates Wix blogs

The New Wix Blog

So what is this about a new Wix blog vs. the old Wix blog?

Well if you are just starting and haven't actually added a blog to your site then there is nothing to worry about because Wix will automatically give the new one to you.


This is great because Wix recently released "Wix Turbo" which makes sites load a lot faster BUT the old blog is not compatible with the new Wix Turbo so you can enjoy all the benefits without all the worries!

If you do have the old blog and are wondering, "how do I change to the new blog?" then Wix has already got you covered to make sure you have all the information you need.

Head over to this link and you will be able to not only change your site but learn more about what transfers over, what are the differences, if SEO transfers, and more.

If you aren't sure if you have the new or old blog there are ever so slight details that you will be able to determine which version you are currently running.

Wix has again answered the community's questions by writing up this easy to understand article with pictures on how you can tell the difference.

Wix Blog Sign In

Singing in to the new wix blog for you, as the writer, is not really a sign in at all.

If you have already added the app to your site then you log into the editor like you normally would, click on the blog section and then manage post. This should take you right to your post and let you add a new one, create categories for your post and edit existing post.


For your guest it will be a little different....

It used to be that you would need every visitor on your site to sign up for your blog in order to make comments....

Not very user friendly!

But luckily for us, Wix has added a way to allow blog commenting without you hassling every visitor to sign up.

Even though people can now comment on your blog without needing to sign in you will still want to try and promote it and make sure you give other an opportunity so stay updated!

You can do this by using the sign up option I keep mentioning.

Under your blog you need to make sure that you have the login bar set up on your page. You can do this by accessing the settings and making sure it is visible.


When users sign up for your blog they will essentially be added to an email notification system to receive alerts on every new blog post you make.

You also have the option to turn this off and there are certain situations I can see this being useful like if you already have an aggressive email campaign but for the most part you will want to keep this on.

All they need to do to login is go to your blog page, click the sign in button on the top of the blog, sign in, and then they can leave comments or likes on your post.

Wix Blog Manager

I see the Wix blog manager as being two separate managers.

You have your on-site Wix blog manager and then you have your Dashboard Wix blog manager.

On-site Wix Blog Manager

I'll go over the on-site manager first. When you click on your blog in the editor you are given two main options. Manage Post and Settings.

If you click on Manage Post then you are essentially going into a mini version of your dashboard blog manager so I will go over that a little more when I talk about that section because they function the same way.

The settings option of your on-site blog manager pops up some options where you can choose a different layout, what info is being displayed, design colors and text, support, and more custom blog feeds you can add to the site.

Dashboard Wix Blog Manager

Do to your site dashboard and if you have the blog added to your site you will see a section that says "Blog", click this and you will be taken to the area where you can manage all of your blog post.


From here you can create, edit, add categories, filter your blogs, save drafts, and add different authors if you are working with a team.

This is essentially what you have access to from your live site as well so you can easily manage everything from one place.

I typically write my own blog post from the dashboard area because I feel it gives me just a little more space to work within.

Wix Blog SEO

There is A LOT of paranoia around the Wix blog SEO, and well, rightfully so.

Up until about 2 years ago I don't think it would have been worth anyone's time to set up a blog and spend countless hours writing and setting up what you felt was valuable content only to have no one look at it...ever.

But since then Wix has done a phenomenal job listening to the community and the rest of the blogging world and catching up to watch is standard.

You used to not be able to use heading tags in your Wix blog which was a huge bummer but now you can! But it isn't easy to understand for some reason...

Your title at the top of the page is automatically going to be your H1 tag. What you will need to do for H2 and H3 is start typing your headings.

Then highlight the text so that you see a list of options appear. You will see that your text is automatically has a TT next to is. This stands for your <p> tag. So any regular text should have this.


Next you will have T1. This is your H2 tag and should be used for any supplemental keywords to your main title.

Next is the T2 tag and this represents your H3 tag and should be used for even deeper keywords that relate to your main title.

Wix also recently added automatic individual post schema which basically tells google and other search engines what this page is about. This is very good for SEO.

Wix has smaller blog feeds that you can add to your homepage as sort of a highlight of your blogs (HIGHLY recommend doing this) so that you homepage can not only link directly to the blog but also transfer some of its domain authority to your post.

Domain authority is a ranking number your site is given based on how valuable your site is to others. You can transfer these numbers to other pages by linking to them from your homepage.

Wix also has an SEO section of the post setting so that you can change the URL, meta descriptions and meta title.

So if you were wondering if the new blog is worth spending the hours on end to make these types of post, then yes it is!

Wix Blog Examples

All this information is great but you still need to actually write the blog and stylize it.

So where is the help with that?

Well, who else but Wix wrote an article that runs through 10 different examples of blog being used for Wix sites that you need to check out. See how they format, how often they post, how it is designer and learn from others on the best practices.

Driving content to your audience IS NOT EASY and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I take about 2 hours to write each blog post if not more and for that amount of time I feel I should be writing Wikipedia type articles with 20 references and 18 citations.

But IT TAKES TIME. Do your research on how to optimize your blog post, how to find article ideas, how to drive people to it, and so on. No one is going to stop you from writing a blog where no one reads it but I don't think that is why you are writing, is it?

I think you are writing because you want to feel connected with others and share something inside of yourself that you feel could be useful for someone else.

If you just want to start a blog to make money and you want it to be as easy as possible, then guess what? You still need to do the exact same research and spend the exact same time making it happen and building trust with people so that they will actually want to read what you are writing.

Wix Blogger Community

No need to feel alone in the fight for making a great blog because there and thousands of others working hard to make it happen too.

You can connect with the Wix blogging community and fellow Wix bloggers by checking out some of these resources.

Although there isn't a specific forum wix has made for bloggers there is a community for forum app users and you can find some blog information here.


There is a closed group on facebook that shouldn't be too hard to join of fellow Wix bloggers asking general questions and getting help from each other that you can check out here.

Mercado Wix Design Wix Blog Review Takeaways

1) Don't Be Scared! The new Wix blog is just as good as any other on the market. Recent changes in the past 2 years have leveled up this blogging platform

2) Do Some Research! You need to learn what makes a blog a good blog. Everything from content to on-page SEO to driving traffic to the blog. Don't let it stop you from writing but make sure you have some idea of the general system so that you don't waste all your time making unbelievable content no one ever sees.

3) Ask Questions And Get Help. There is a community out there or people who are trying to do the same things you are. Get in touch with them, ask questions, offer advice, be an active part of your community.


Day 7 of my 30 day challenge and if you want to follow along I made a post yesterday about needing to quit your job but needing money at the same time. This one was a little more "off the cuff" and shares more about my personal experience struggling with this problem.

As always if you enjoyed the content and felt this to be both highly valuable and also extremely helpful then signup for the blog by clicking the "signup" button on the top right of this page so that you can get notifications everyday when a post is released. Start your blog and start helping people!


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