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Best Ways To Use Wix Automations

Updated: Apr 19, 2020


Learning and using Wix Automations for your business is utilizing one of the most powerful tools that Wix provides for business owners.

Wix Automations are used with several other applications that allow you to send automatic emails to visitors who interact with your site like purchasing a product or paying for an invoice.

Customers and clients expect immediate communication when they purchase for you or take an action with your business.

It allows them to feel at ease and that you have considered their needs. Wix has already written many great articles about setting up your Automations area if you are looking some extra support.

This article is meant to help you feel comfortable with putting in the initial investment to set up your system so that your business can benefit in the long run by understanding how Automations can work with your entire Ascend package.

The Ascend package has a lot of different apps with different upgrading options that work together and you will want to understand it fully before putting in your investment and upgrading your package.

Table of Contents

  1. What are Wix Automations?

  2. How To Access Wix Automations

  3. Setting Up Your Wix Automations

  4. Using Automations To Create A Funnel

  5. Conclusion

What Are Wix Automations?

So what exactly is an automation for your Wix site and how can this be used in a real scenario?

Let's say that you have an online store for your business using the Wix Store app and you are selling your products.


Someone likes a specific product of yours and purchases the product straight from your site.

If you set up your automation correctly, the person who purchased the product will receive an automatic email from you that can include a coupon for another purchase or promotion for a different product.

Instead of that person purchasing a product of yours and then never hearing from you again, this is your opportunity to thank them for their purchase and make a personal connection.

And you don't have to take the time to rewrite your sincere message for every...single...purchase.

Set up your automation one time and now every single person who buys from you will receive this personal message.

That is the power Wix provides by having their Automation feature available for its business owners.

The "behind-the-scenes" of how this works on your Wix site is simple...

1. You create an automation for an interaction on your site like a visitor buying a product

2. Someone visits your site and buys a product

3. You automation is triggered and an email template you have created is sent to the visitor who purchased your product.

This automation is part of the Wix Ascend package that includes several of the other Wix apps and gives you more access and more features.

You will be able to use automations when you purchase a premium account but you will need to upgrade your ascend to be able to have unlimited automations and remove the Wix branding.

How To Access Wix Automations

Getting to your automations is easy but knowing exactly what everything does when you get there can be hard. Let's break down how to get there and what you will see when you do.

1. Sign in to your Wix account and select the site you wish to access the Automation app.

2. Click the "Customer Management" tab on the left-hand side menu.


3. Click the "Automations" tab on the left-hand side menu.


Depending on which apps you currently have on your site you will see several template automations that are waiting for you approval to be used.

You will see at the top of your screen a couple of different sections located within your automation app called "Recommended" and "My Automations".

When you add the app store to your site or set up a form there are automations that are already created for you and will show up in the recommended.

All recommendations will come with a short title describing what is does and a small statement underneath that describes which app the automation works with.


Scroll over any of these recommended options and you will see a blue button asking if you want to "Use This Automation."


You can also create a new automation which we will cover in the section below.

Take advantage of as many as you can so that your customer service is as efficient as it can be.

In the "My Automations" section you will see all of the automations that you have currently turned on.

These will have a button you can toggle for turning off and on that says "Active." You can also see which of these are pre-installed for specific apps like your invoices and quotes. If they do not say "pre-installed" then you have created the automation.


If you aren't already using invoices & quotes and understand how they interact with your other Wix Ascend apps then read through my post here.

You can also see valuable information like how many times your Wix Automations were triggered, the most recent date it was triggered and the title.

If you hover over the automations you will see three dots appear in the top right hand corner. Clicking on these dots will bring up options to edit or delete.


In the top right of the screen you will see options for "+ New Automation" which we will cover below and an icon with three dots that will allow you to "Learn More" or "Send Feedback."


If you do not have the best version of Wix Ascend then you will see another option asking you to upgrade. Know what you are getting into before upgrading your package because it can get confusing.

Setting Up Your Wix Automations

When you click on any of your recommended Automations or create a new one or even edit existing ones you will be taken to a specific screen that allows you to set up your details.


For a video walk through check out the video below.

Let's break this down and understand what each step means.

First you will need to choose a trigger. A trigger is tied to one of the Wix apps you are currently using for your site.

Let's say you have a contact page with a contact form on your site.

When you are selecting your trigger you will see an option that says "Contact Form" and you will click this option.


You will see a circle underneath that is filled out by default. These options will be different for each app and will help you define exactly when you want your automation to be triggered.

Now you will need to choose an action. This will let Wix know when you automation is triggered exactly what it needs to do next.

Your actions will be the same for every trigger you choose and will allow you to either send an email to your visitor who triggered the action, send an email to yourself, create a task, move cards in a workflow, and connect to Zapier.


We will talk more in the next section on exactly what creating a task or moving cards or connecting with Zapier can mean for you business how and to use this to create funnels in your site.

Once you have chosen an action you will need to choose a time. You have the option to send immediately or to create a custom time.


In our example we will have probably chosen "Immediately" because we want to make sure that our guest is taken care of as soon as they reach out instead of waiting to hear from you until you are available to send them an email.

Using the time function for your Wix Automations can be very powerful and can be used to set up a series of emails creating your own email marketing campaign. If someone buys a product you can create an email 10 days in advance asking the customer how they like their product and offer another promotion.

Once you select your time then you are finished and click the "Activate" button in the top right of the screen and you will have created your own automation that will get your Wix site working for you.


Using Wix Automations To Create A Funnel

Automations are one app that make up the entire Wix Ascend package and using several of these apps together create some pretty powerful funnels in your site.

For example, I set up a get subscriber box on my site to generate leads. When someone signs up for my email subscription I created an Automation that sends them an automatic email with a link to a free booking with me.

When someone clicks the link to book and completes the booking they are sent another automatic email that I set up through the booking settings.

The guest received 2 separate emails with tons of info to be prepared and ready for their booking and I don't have to lift a finger. This happens every....single...time....

Connecting your automation with Zapier allows you to use an entire world of third party apps so if you already have an app you are using that connects with Zapier then you can finally use Wix to make this integration easy.

You can create Automations connected to the same trigger that does multiple functions like if you create a task every time someone accepts a quote and also sends them an automatic email. Now you will be reminded or your task and your customer is taken care of.

I still believe Wix has some advancing to do if they plan on this becoming a real CRM for businesses but so far this area can save you crucial time for you business.


  1. Automations work with several Wix apps that you can add to your site that allow you to set up different actions depending on how the visitor interacts with your site. If someone buys a product you will be able to automatically send them an email right after they purchase.

  2. Using the Automations feature will save your business valuable time and raise the level of your customer service by providing immediate responses to your guests needs.

  3. Integrating your Automations with other apps like Zapier will help expand what is possible for you site. Get creative in how you set up your funnels so that your Wix site can start working for you.


The Automations are only a piece of what the entire package of Ascend offers you as a business owner. If you're wondering what else is involved or how it can help or how much it all is then read more here.

Let me know if you have any questions about Wix Automations by putting them into the comments below and I'll get an answer to you as soon as possible. If you figured it out thanks to this post then I would really appreciate for you to like or share this post so I know this content is valuable.

If you need direct help with your Wix Ascend plan then feel free to reach out and book a free, 10-minute Wix support session here and I'll go over you issue and figure out a solution.


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