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Wix ADI vs. Wix Editor Is No Comparison

Updated: Sep 15, 2019


Robots are taking our jobs! Wix ADI vs. Wix Editor is becoming a more talked about conversation but is it worth our time or is this just the latest news?

Wix is trying to please the robot leaders by creating an entire program that takes the hassle of designing and developing away from you and handing it to a very smart computer program who has no problem handling the task.

The classic and time tested favorite, Wix Editor, has been providing the bulk of the work for Wix since their creation in 2007 and allows individuals to design, develop, and edit their sites all by human hands.

The new toy on the block though is the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence program that creates a site for you without the need of designers or developers. This takes simple information from around the web and autocreates and entire site for your business in minutes.

Even though this type of technology is where things are headed for the web developing world, it isn't quite there yet.

I'll go ahead and put it out there now, there is no comparison between the Wix ADI vs Wix Editor. The Wix Editor is far and away a much better option to use for your business and has much more capabilities than Wix ADI.

Let's take some time to understand why and what the future of this relationship looks like.

What Are They?

It's important to note that the Wix Editor is a completely different interface than the Wix ADI builder.

What I mean is that they are two separate builders and you actually cannot use them together.

If you start off building your site with the Wix ADI you can switch to the Editor but you can never switch back to the ADI creator without losing all your new changes.

The Wix Editor has been around from the beginning of Wix and is the staple of their platform.

Wix Editor

It allows you to pick a template or create a site from scratch with full customization and editing options as well as the ability to add Wix Corvid (code) to your site.

You also have full control over the apps that can be added from the marketplace that contains over 500 apps!

One the other hand, you have the Wix ADI editor.


This allows you to put some general info about your site, answer some basic questions about design, add links to other platforms, and then the ADI creates an entire site for you based on your selections and information.

The ADI is a much quicker way to get your site set up and running but offers much less customization.

What the Easiest To Use?

No question, ADI is much easier to use.

It creates the entire site for you!

Basically, the ADI is creating a template but adds all your information at the same time. Great way to cut away the extra time spent on creating a site and just get live as soon as possible.

You can change simple parts of the site like colors, text, pictures but you won't be able to rearrange your site exactly how you want but instead pick from a handful of template designs the Wix ADI has built for you.

With the Editor, you will pick a template but then you will need to manually change all content like photos, videos, text, social media, etc.

Because the Editor offers so many customization options it can be overwhelming to figure everything out. You can change pretty much everything on your site in the Editor.

And if you are an entrepreneur trying to handle 10 other jobs at the same time, designing and developing your site might not be at the top of the list.

But since every online business is quickly becoming a media company first, the need to get to market and have an online home is immediate.

That's why the ADI can be perfect for getting started and getting something online. And as the technology gets better and better we wont need to focus on the editor as much.

For now, I recommend starting with the ADI, if that is what you want to do, to get your site live but switching to the editor right after so if you want to make more changes, you can.

Are There Price Differences?

No price differences yet for the two different ways to create your site.

The ADI and Editor are both free and included in your free wix account but if you want to connect a domain and have your own URL then you will need to buy a premium Wix account and get a domain host.


You will also need to pay for specific apps that you add to your site and if you have a store, you will need to purchase a specific type of premium account to use Wix payment processors and their online store apps.

What's better for eCommerce?

Wix ADI vs the Wix Editor has the same functionality for eCommerce.

You can still add products, accept payments, offer shipping, add memberships, and edit your store how you want.

You don't have as many options about adding featured products to different areas of the site or customizing your store using Wix Corvid to create a better user experience with the ADI builder.

The lack of customization makes the ADI far inferior to the Editor at this time but again, if you are strapped for time and need to get to market then choose the ADI and start running!

SEO Differences?

The ADI is VERY limited with SEO and I wouldn't recommend using the builder if you are trying to rank in search engines.

You are able to use the Wix SEO Wiz for both sites so you can get some basic foundational work done on the ADI but the Editor allows so many more advanced options.

You can add a blog in each so there is still a way to add new content on your site but there is a clear winner here and that is the Editor.

Well, Which One Should I Use?

At this point you know which one I prefer, the Editor!

The ADI is for the future but not for today.

If you need to get a site up fast and don't have any major opinions about the design then the ADI can be perfect for you.

If you want to design a site that stays true to your brand and have the ability to make changes as your young business changes, the Editor is going to be your obvious choice.

There is a steeper learning curve with the Editor but it is worth it at this point to learn the fundamentals so that you can get a more powerful site or at least hire someone to get it done for you.


One point I forgot to mention throughout this article is that if you are hiring someone to do some work on your site the person you are hiring is handcuffed by the choice you make between Wix ADI vs Wix Editor.

If you are using the ADI and want a designer to change up a lot on your site they are not going to be able to without switching to the Editor.

Keep that in mind when outsourcing your site needs.

Other than that, go with the Editor. There really isn't a comparison at this point.


Are you using Wix ADI and have some great things to say about your experience? I'd LOVE to hear about them since I have a pretty obvious preference but want to know more about why the ADI is good for small business owners.

Like or share this post if you learned more about the Wix ADI vs. Wix Editor conversation and know what you need for you business!

If you need some help setting up your site and getting some clear direction feel free to contact me and we'll figure out the right direction for your business.


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