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Welcome and Hello!

Welcome to a blog created for like-minded creative entrepreneurs seeking helpful tips on how to grow an audience, improve SEO, automate business, and design Wix websites! My goal is to give transitioning professionals who take the leap into the challenging world of being an entrepreneur the resources needed to realize a lifestyle that aligns with their dreams.

You can expect examples of different marketing funnels that help you attract an audience and get them investing into your brand, different remote opportunities to supplement the slow months and keep you able to live your dream lifestyle, and resources that inform your decisions about how to move forward with your business. My goal is for you to make the decision that this content is valuable to your business and create relationships built on trust.

A little more about me, I worked in the service industry over 10 years and was getting my soul crushed managing overnights shifts at a popular diner in downtown Austin off the notorious 6th street. I started making the transition into a becoming a digital nomad in January and I refuse to look back. It took me a while to understand the amount of help I needed to accept to be able to make this transition possible and that has become the purpose of my business. To help creative professionals moving into bold choices make their transition easier. A website should do the work for you, not against you. Easy access to making critical updates, automatic marketing so you can spend time wisely, and funnel setups so you can work ON the business instead of IN the business.

If you are a hardworking and dedicated individual who has had success in your industry and are looking to invest into your transition as an entrepreneur, then this blog is for you. If you have built yourself a website but are at the point where you want to know what value it can bring your business, this blog is for you. If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a website but still have access to the tools that can market, promote, and grow your audience then this blog is for you.

To start this blog off right I have created a beginner checklist to having a functional website that can start growing your audience immediately. Click the link below to have one sent directly to you!


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