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1 Free Tool To Help You Search Like A Digital Marketer

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

I was talking with a client the other day and we were discussing their SEO.

We were talking about the customer journey and how their customers would find them and buy their products.

Then I asked what was the last thing they bought.

They had bought a desk and when I asked them what led them to buy that desk they couldn't quite remember...

This is perfect marketing.

If you don't even really know why you bought a desk but somehow here you are, desk in office, using it everyday then you have been seduced by the siren calls of the marketing machine.

It's everywhere we look and if you are running an online business it is your priority to make sure your product or service is in front of those wandering eyes.

But how do you get in front of curious eyes?

Well, you have to think where are those eyes anyway?

Some of them are still on TV but as we all know that is a fading platform.

Some of them are still in your newspapers and local magazine publications but just like the television, these are fading as well.

Those are are focused online and they are in social media, in youtube, in search engines, and other platforms online.

By and large, the most used platform for people looking for information is going to be Google.

So it stands to be true that if your business is able to show up when people are searching for what they need you are going to have an opportunity for your business to reap some rewards.

But in order to start showing up, you need to know exactly what people are searching for. In other words, you need to know your keywords.

There is no use being the first result in Google for a keyword if that keyword is "purple translucent jello molds" because exactly ZERO people are searching "purple translucent jello molds" (I checked).

In order to understand which words actually have people searching for them, you are going to need a tool that tells you this information.

Luckily for you there is a free Chrome plugin that you can use that will automatically show you how many people are searching for each word.

Keywords Everywhere will tell you how many people are search for each word, will give you related keywords, other keywords that have a connection to your main keyword, cost per click, and also their own competition ranking.

This is by no means your quick fix to keyword research but it really will speed up your research time immensely!

Head to your Chrome Store and add the keyword plugin to your browser and that is your entire set up...


This free tool is a huge time saver when you are researching keywords. I pay for a keyword tool but I have limited search options unless I upgrade so this free tool allows me to quickly find info to see if a word is worth putting into the paid tool.

You will have the option to turn the tool on or off at anytime you want and still have the tool attached to your browser which is very helpful. Many plugins I have only allow you to install or remove but don't have the option for me to choose and still keep on my browser.


You can also add keywords you like to a list, you can import a list of your own and change the settings.

The best part of this tool is that it is automatically running every time you open

You will be able to see the tool working as soon as you start searching. You will see numbers next to the word you are searching as well as all suggested search phrases.


You will also see stats underneath the keyword you searched on your results page.


Another fantastic part of this tool is that you will see related keywords on the right side of your search results.


This is INCREDIBLY helpful when doing keyword research for words you may have missed. You can also export any of the keywords you have saved or just the related keywords it populates for you.

This keyword tool will start getting you to think like a digital marketer. You won't ever search in the same way again.

Now every time you search you are going to be asking yourself if this would be a good niche. You will automatically start thinking about related keyword phrases.

This can help the copy you write for your products and services, the ideas for marketing, or even how you sale to clients everyday. If you know what people are looking for then you can position your business to have the exact answers.

Download the plugin and start helping your business by the simple act of learning how to search like a digital marketer.

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