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Making Content Is Exhausting

Exhausted Coffee Kitty

Usually I write a post everyday.

I skip Monday's because the day off gives me some rejuvenation to start it all over again.

I have done this for the past month and a half without any hiccups or deviations from the path.

But for the past couple of days in a row I haven't written anything and it has been giving me this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The reason I wanted to start blogging was because I got into digital marketing which got me into SEO which got me into content marketing.

I loved the concept; you make amazing content that people love and then you start ranking higher in Google.

But making content isn't a passive and it is certainly not an easy-going activity.

Especially if you haven't front loaded a lot of the work.

See, with producing these posts I have to come up with titles, descriptions, photos, videos, outbound links, inbound links, outlines, and then I have to write the dang thing.

Kinda takes forever.

What really helps is if I front load most of the work and then I just need to worry about writing the post.

When you have this kind of structure in place then you don't have to sit for 15 minutes wondering what you are going to write about for the day or which articles you want to link to.

It is all there for you.

Well.... I don't have that in place right now so making posts becomes this intimidating task that I have to not only complete but also try to make amazing so that it can rank in Google.

All of that pressure just makes me not want to write.

But when I don't write I see the immediate impact on my Google Analytics.

The visits stop coming and my site suffers.

The goal is to have so many different articles ranking highly on google that people come regardless if I make a post today or not.

But that kind of momentum takes a while to build.

I watched a video yesterday from the Income School about setting up your blog and writing 150 articles in 90 days....

That's insane....

They mentioned how this amount of work could produce $4,000 a year in income for you.

That's $48,000 a year and once you write the articles the traffic will continue to come in without you needing to rewrite them or do more work.

I like that idea but getting there takes time and who is writing 150 articles in 90 days if you aren't purely a content producer.

And those are well researched attempting to climb the ranks of google type of articles.

Not like this article where I just wanted to share a little about my own experience.

So the process can be exhausting but the payoff is huge.

And this is where my mindset is at.

It's not going to happen overnight and it is going to be a marathon so I need to strap up the shoelaces and continue on my path of producing amazing articles for my audience.

Which means that I need to do some more keyword research.

I need to create my mindmap of ideas, combine those with popular search phrases to find my keywords and phrases, turn those into article headlines, create outlines with links and media, and then write the articles.

I am thinking that this time I will try and batch write the articles so that I can take a week or so and write 30 articles and then release them throughout the month.

Then I will have more control over the process and be able to make decisions on how to best spend my time.

None of this is easy work but I continue to find that the more I stay consistent, the more I attract others who care just as much about their business.

The other day I received a message on one of my Facebook posts from someone and after talking a bit she actually had referred a client to me without me even knowing it.

She said she liked my work but also loved that I seemed reliable and dedicated to the business.

Not only did it feel great to have someone like my designs that it felt even better to be acknowledged for the consistent work that is put in every single day.

Because I don't have to be the best salesman, the best designer, the best coder, the best businessman...

I just have to be curious about how to become better and show up everyday making the necessary changes to get there.

If you are feeling the grind and feeling heavy from the work then just remember that it is all paying off, it is all working, and you are giving your business a chance to succeed.


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