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Let Your Website Send Your Emails

Last week we talked about adding an opt-in form to your website to help grow your email list. After all, you and you alone own your email list and no matter which platforms change their rules you can always send out your content the way you want to through an email list. When adding your opt-in form I mentioned using the Wix triggered email option and took you through a couple steps but after getting all your feedback I think this could use a better explanation. Next, I will go over adding the Wix triggered email to your site so you can start creating more time growing your business and less time working in your business.

  1. Go to your site specific dashboard and click the option ‘Contacts and CRM’ on the left side menu.

  2. Once you are in the ‘Contacts and CRM’ section, click the option ‘Automations’ on the left side menu.

  3. Once you are in the ‘Automations’ section, click on the blue ‘Create New Automation’ button in the top right of the section.

  4. Now the Automation process is laid for you in 3 steps. ‘Choose a Trigger’, ‘Choose an Action’, and ‘Choose a Time’ are the three steps we will need to fill out before moving forward. Under the ‘Choose a Trigger’ section click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Subscribes to a Mailing List (with get subscribers app)’.

  5. Next, under the ‘Choose an action’ section click on ‘Send Email to Visitors’. Make sure you have the correct Sender details filled out. This will let people know who sent the email as well as be able to send you a reply.

  6. Next you will create your lead magnet email! Click the ‘Edit template’ blue button and begin designing your email and make sure to add your lead magnet image. Click the ‘Save and Publish’ blue button in the top right when you are finished editing.

  7. Last step will be under the ‘Choose your Time’ section. Click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Immediately’ and then click the ‘Send Once per Contact’ circle below the dropdown menu.

  8. Click the ‘Save’ blue button in the top right and there you are! Your automatic email will be sent to every visitor who subscribes to your email list from your opt-in form without you having to put in the time to do it! Now we are figuring out how to make our website do the work for us! You can add these to a number of ‘triggers’ on your site. Just take a look at all the options wix gives you and see what is right for your business.

If you need help setting up your triggered emails or you have more questions about how they can help your business click on the link below to get in contact.

Triggered Emails Inquiry


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