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Learning as a Lifestyle

As any creative entrepreneur knows the curiosity of learning is as important a mindset as any financial reward you may receive. There is no price for being able to offer more value to your customer and no reward greater than the ability to manifest positive outcomes simply by creating more room for growth. One of the latest learns in my arsenal was finding out the value of an opt-in form for businesses and I showed an example of how to use it as a funnel in last weeks blog post. Opt-in forms help grow your email list for marketing. If you are only using social media for marketing, you are marketing on rented land. Don’t market on rented land. Long-term success can depend on giving yourself every opportunity to control your sales funnel. The email list is yours and yours alone. If your business is selling a product or service it is essential to be collecting emails. Educational videos, checklists, comparisons, infographics can all be lead magnets to give back to your audience and gather an email in the process. Wix makes it easy for you to integrate this into your site and start growing that list. We will take it step-by-step.

  1. For an incredibly easy way to set this up on your site, start by clicking on the ‘Menu and Pages’ tab on the left side of the editor. Then click the blue button ‘Add Page’ and title it ‘Opt-in’.

  2. Now you can design! Add your title, some engaging content, and a button on the page.

  3. Next we will add a lightbox using the “Add” tab on the left side menu. Choose one of the lightbox options Wix has with an email sign up and design how you like it!

  4. Now we will go back to our button on our opt-in page and link the button the our lightbox.

  5. We are close...Next all you need to do is go to your marketing tools section on your Wix dashboard and click on the Triggered Emails section.

  6. Design your email and add your lead magnet here. Make sure you connect this email with your email registration on your Wix website and that’s it!

  7. Promote your lead magnet by adding link to your opt-in web page and when someone gives you their email address they will automatically receive an email with your lead magnet!

If you need help with your opt-in form or maybe you are more curious about the opt-in and want to chat about it, then click below and send me a message to get started.

Opt-in Form Inquiry


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