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I Need To Quit My Job, But I Need Money

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Look, working 40+ hours a week making just enough to literally save tens of dollars every month is exactly when we all say to ourselves "I need to quit my job... BUT I NEED MONEY!"

How do we get out of our shitty situation that slowly makes everything sort of, glaze together, day after day and find that direction that takes us OUT!

Well, good news for anyone in that situation is that others have done exactly this and have been empathetic enough to build roadmaps that we can follow to get to where we need to be.

Let's Be Honest

This isn't going to be easy.

The reason you might be in this situation is because you probably have not had that strong, annoying feeling that wont let you get a full night of sleep or watch your favorite show until you resolve whatever is growing inside of you.

I know because I was that person.

I worked in the hospitality industry for almost all of my 20's working restaurant after restaurant, shift after shift, clopenings after clopenings (In charge of closing the store and then opening the store the next morning.)

And I kept going back....

Why did I do this? Continue to force myself through smelly doors every single night just to barely make a living?

In my mind it was because I needed money. How could I quit? I needed to be there in order to pay for rent, clothes, food, gas, and the list goes on.

But if I'm being honest... It's because I didn't have ambition, drive, motivation, dreams, goals, whatever you want to call it, I never felt like something was grabbing my arm and pulling me in any direction at all.

Well, That's Not True

Alright, that's not true... I did play in a band once...

That's me and my two good friends at the time, playing in our rock band, The Red 100's.

I remember having A LOT of passion about music. It was a release, a way for me to explore something that had an affect on my life and a way to give it back.

But as they do, the band ended and when that happened I honestly didn't have a backup plan.

I just kind of floated around for the next few years.

And I think that's what happens to a lot of us...

We have dreams, goals, aspirations, but somewhere in the way we get lost and it's hard to find that drive again.

So if you need to quite your job but you need money at the same time it would be VERY important to ask yourself, especially if this is a pattern, why are these both happening at the same time?

The mindset is ultimately what you are fighting.

You're going to read a lot of people tell you practical advice, and I'll give you that too, but if you can't feel that drive and that burn to get shit done then you are going to feel this pattern happening again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...….

Quit Your Job In 120 Days

Lots of good information out there but I found one article that will give you a pretty darn good outline of how to quit your job in 120 days (~4 months).

I recommend giving that a look over to see if it is something that could be possible for you.

I still was not properly ready when I transitioned out of my restaurant job for the last time but I had been working on the platform for about 6 months before that trying to learn as much as I could while still working my night job.

Side Hustle

Hopefully you have heard the term by now but a side hustle is a job that you have going while you are still working at your 9-5.

Exactly the same concept as above but it doesn't have to be computer skills.

You can do anything and one of the books that I was introduced to while on my journey for this reason was The Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau. This man is dedicated to making sure no one has an excuse on not following through on their dreams.

I would check out his website community at that centers around the ideal of the book but with people just like you trying to do get out of the same hole.

I Need A Deadline To Quit My Job!

So if you are looking for a post on quitting your job chances are you don't want to wait around forever hoping that it happens. You want to know a date because you need something to look forward to.

So how much do you need? How much time does it take? Where do you find these answers?

Well lucky for us there has been a great post by Hustle Startup and they have made a whole post on how to financially check to make sure that you will have enough to make ends meet every month.

They have also provided a great calculator, that you will need to give you email address for, that can break everything down simply and easily.

I Quite My Job Without Notice! How Do I Make Money?

So if you really did quite your job without money (I have beeeeeen there) and are in the

desperation mode and need to get out of your job IMMEDIATELY then you have options.

What do you have of value that you can part with? Extra clothes, records, books, electronics, pokemon cards, whatever you have that you feel you can sell and part with then go ahead and turn it into cash.

If you have that jar of change you have been feeding then head to the local Coinstar to be able to exchange that for actual dollars that you can spend.

If you are a healthy individual then you can do something good for others and donate blood or plasma. The world is always in need of a willing volunteer and could use your donation.

Do you have a friend or loved one that you can ask to borrow money from?

We all need help from someone else at some point in our lives and if you are in this place don't let your ego get in the way.

You need help and support to get out of the places you are in. Not more isolation.

The Aftermath

Whenever I got to a situation that was so bad that I had to quit without any notice I always found myself looking at the positive.

My situation was bad enough and I didn't need a bad mindset holding me back making me feel sorry for myself.

And I do think it is important to have an outlook that you will get yourself out of your situation but my mindset these days has slightly less rose colored glasses.

See, when I was looking at things positive and telling myself it was going to be ok and that I could find another job anywhere and that it would all work itself out I was lying to myself.

It wasn't ok because I got another shitty job and another bad restaurant....

I could have found a restaurant job at just about any place in the world... but I chose to stay in the same city...

Things did work themselves out... And I hated it just as much as the last place.

What I didn't realize at the time was that by having such a positive outlook I was really just enabling myself to do the same dumb stuff over and over.

I had to work things out for myself.

I needed to push myself into being uncomfortable because I had made my destructive pattern my comfort.

And I smiled through all of it.

Don't let yourself get caught up in feeling lost and pick one of the methods above and stick to it.

You'll be amazed at how much you will get done with a little consistency and persistence.


Day 6 of the 30 day content challenge and today I thought I'd bring something a little different. I have been making Wix tutorials like last week's google analytics but I wanted to do something a little more from the heart.

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