• Raul Mercado

9 Ways On How to Earn Money From Website Visits

If you get hundreds of visitors to your site every single month and yet don't find yourself making that much money you need to learn at least one of the 9 ways on how to earn money from website visits that I've listed below.

The top three easiest ways of earning money from website visits are affiliate marketing, google adsense, and selling ad space. The most lucrative way is to create a digital product.

But there are more than just those three ways of making money and it can depend on how many visitors you get to your site to see how much money you can make.

You can get very creative how you go about making money for your website but I wanted to give you at least 10 steps in which you can take action on today in order to start monetizing the visitors that are coming to your site.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you take someone else's product and promote it on your website or blog.

How this works is that a company will give you a specific link to use on your website or blog.

This link is hooked up to your affiliate account that you have created. If anyone clicks on this link and ends up buying a product you will get a percentage of the cost of that product.

This is perfect combination if you are already getting lots of visitors to your site.

What you will want to do is find products or software that you can promote on your site. It is usually best practice to pick a product or software that you already use or believe can help your visitors.

People will more than likely only buy from someone that they actually trust. In order to gain that trust you have to prove to people that your main goal is to give them value.

When you start a blog or a podcast or a YouTube channel you are able to spread your message to visitors in your Niche. You are able to express to them what you believe will help them in their journey.

Since I work on the Wix platform I would be able to post my affiliate link to Wix on my blog so that if you wanted to purchase a Wix premium account and you clicked my link in order to do that, I will get a certain percentage of the cost of the premium account.

This is a win-win for both parties. I am able to direct my visitors to a product that I believe in, that I use, and that has helped me get to where I am today.

Because I am so confident in that product I am able to then direct the people who read my blog to that product because I truly believe that it is the best way to grow a small business Online.

Wix loves this because they are able to use my business in order to get in front of more people and my business becomes another sales person for wix.

If you have a lot of visitors coming to your site it's important that you research the products or software is that you are already using to see if they have an affiliate program.

Most companies will make this easily available on their website because they want you to sell their products or software.

Software affiliate programs will pay the best percentages you will find in affiliate marketing.

You can make sometimes up to 70% of the cost of that software. This is because when a company builds a piece of software they no longer have to build another piece of software in order to sell it to thousands of people.

So they give you a high percentage because if the customer sticks, continues to use that software and ends up buying more from that company, they have made much more from a small investment to you.

There are some affiliate programs in which you will be able to receive residual income from a software that you have helped sell. This means that if you sell a piece of software for $200, when that purchase renews every year you can continue to receive a percentage of that price.

This is probably one of the most lucrative ways in order to earn money from your website that is already gaining visitors.

Where Do You Find Products For Affiliate Marketing?

Click bank is the best site that I hae found that will allow you to browse different products and start an affiliate program.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense has been a very popular option for entrepreneurs and small businesses that have a website or blog that has a lot of visitors coming to their site.

You can also call Google AdSense pay per click advertising.

What this means is that you place a Google ad on your website and you get paid every single time that someone clicks on that ad.

Sounds amazing right?

Obviously, the more people that click on that advertising, the more you get paid. Since you already have visitors coming to your site it should be fairly easy for you to add this to your site and start receiving some money from it immediately.

The way this works is that you will go to Google and start an AdSense account, they will give you a specific code to put into your site, and when you add that code to your site, Google will automatically start displaying ads.

Google will know which add to place on your site because they use a program that crawls your site for information and finds out what your site is about. Then it will automatically plays relevant on your site.

If you have a site about dogs, Google will then Place advertisement towards dog owners.

You will not get paid very much for each click that you receive. You can expect anywhere from $0.50 to $5 depending on how many visitors you receive and which kind of ads are placed on your site.

The only problem with this adding Google AdSense on your site is that it begins to look very spammy.

Think about recipe sites that you have been too. These sites are littered with Google ads.

Sometimes it is hard to even see the content because there are so many ads on the page.

This can cause people to leave your site immediately. Which would be terrible for your actual SEO rankings and cause you to get less visitors.

It is important that you place the ads strategically on your site and in places you know your visitors are looking. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SEE WHERE ON YOUR SITE YOUR VIITORS ARE LOOKING

This is a great way to earn money from website visits but you need to be careful about how your website looks and the experience that you are giving them.

How Do I Start With Adsense?

Click here to begin applying for an Adsense account. Keep in mind that you will want to read all the rules and regulations so that you can keep your advertisements flowing.

Sell Ad Space

Another way in which you can monetize your site is by just straight-up selling ad space.

This works in a very similar way to the Google AdSense accept you are working directly with the companies who want to advertise on your side instead of going through a middleman like Google.

Obviously this would involve more work on your end in terms of working with the companies who would want to advertise on your site.

But, this also means that you will be more in control of which ads are being placed on your site, how much you would want to charge, and the price structure that you would want to set up.

The way this works is much like an old magazine advertising space.

You can choose different sizes of advertising space that you would like to sell, then figure out pricing that you would charge.

Usually this type of a structure will pay you based on how many visitors are coming to your site every single month. This means that the amount of eyes the advertisement will receive is how much you get paid.

You can also set up your price structure to receive a payment up front for being able to advertise site. You can decide how long in advance businesses pay you for advertising and how long they will be on your site.

This way you can already know how much you are getting for that advertisement and you do not need to worry about keeping track of how many visitors that advertisement has seen.

If you were wondering how much you need to sell your advertising space for, or the types of sizes that are most commonly used, I recommend going to an actual magazine website.

These websites will have menu tab that usually says "advertise" in the footer. This area is for advertisers who wants to see how much these websites are charging.

So you will be able to look into that section and see exactly how much an advertisement will cost, the exact dimensions of that advertisement, and you will even be able to see different demographics for those magazines.

Is There An Online Market For Ad Buyers?

Sure is! You can look here to find different companies looking to offer up ads on your site.

Create a Digital Product

Creating a digital product is something that I recommend you do after you have tried the steps above.

This is because creating a digital product is not easy.

Often times you will need to create multiple digital products in order to figure out at least one that people actually want to buy.

So if you are trying to make money off of the visitors that are coming to your site, and make it quick, this might not be your best option.

BUT, this is the best option for making the most money you possibly can from visitors on your site.

Because you will own that product, you will not have to reproduce that product, and now you are just selling.

This is the same type of idea that we talked about above with affiliate marketing and offering a software.

You make the product once, you never have to make it again, and you can sell it to as many people as you possibly can.

This is why the digital product has the highest ceiling out of any other option on this list.

This is also why it is one of the harder options on this list.

My recommendation on how to create a digital product is by first asking your audience.

If you have a website on dogs and you are receiving a lot of visitors you can simply put up a survey on your site asking people what is the number one way that you can help them and their dog.

Once you get the most popular answer you can take that and create a product out of it. If people say they want to know how to train their dog, then you know that you were judging a product needs to be about training a dog.

Another way to create a digital product is by going to forum sites in which people are asking a lot of questions.

See what the most popular questions are about your niche, and then create a digital product that solves that question.

After building your product you can offer this on your website and depending on how popular it is and how much money you were making you will understand if you need to build another digital product or if the one you have made is working.

If you have lots of visitors coming to your site, this method has the highest potential of earnings for you.


Asking for donations can be underused or easily overused depending on who you are asking.

With this option you will be able to set up a button on your site where visitors can click and donate directly to your cause using paypal or some other payment system.

This option really only works if you are already giving your audience LOTS of value. I mean LOTS of value.

People don’t generally just give their money away and often need some kind of exchange of value in order to feel good about parting with their earned dollars.

So you need to make sure that you are giving away lots of free advice, tips, worksheets, books, etc. in order to convince others that you are worth donating to.

Think about what you have donated to recently…

Starving children, third world countries, curing disease….

You don’t have to save the world to get donations but you do need to make sure you are helping someone’s life.

Usually the money made from donations are not going to make you a successful businessperson but it can cover simple cost like website hosting, domain hosting, or small business expenses.

Think about a local, non-profit radio station. They usually have 2 donation drives every year asking for major donations to keep their station afloat. This helps cover their expenses for the year but they are not making money using the donation method.

How Do I Add Donations To A Wix Site?

Wix has created an easy to follow guide on how to do this exact method on your site.

Sponsored Post and Articles

This method works similarly to selling ad space on your site but instead of selling boxes that contain advertisements you are actually including products in your own content and copy.

Let’s say you have a blog about the latest mobile phones and accessories. Let’s say you are getting thousands of visitors to your site every single month.

A new mobile phone is coming out from Samsung and they want to find bloggers that will feature their phone. So they find your site that is getting lots of visitors and ask for you to include their phone in your latest post about “top mobile phones of 2019.”