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Find Your New Passion

It is one thing to hear others tell us to find our true passion in life and another to go out of our way in order to define a passion, give everything to it, and for different reasons need to find a new passion.

Find New Passion

When we try our passion we go out on that proverbial limb and give it all we got but sometimes we come up short...

We weren't able to create that space in our mind that dreamed what would be possible if we followed that passion. So what happens when we need to find a new passion?

I Have No Passion

I know that for me, in my journey, I fell deeply for playing music and I dedicated a serious 6 years to the craft. Playing live, hauling gear, recording, practicing constantly, the whole deal.

When circumstances changed and I realized that the path I was on wasn't going to provide a life I wanted to be surrounded by, I felt lost...

I had just given everything I had... I had long conversations with friends and family about how this is what I wanted to dedicate my life towards.

So when the time came to pick up the pieces I thought to myself "I have no passion."

I needed to redefine what passion had been to me.

It wasn't music, specifically... it wasn't anything specifically... it was more of a mindset.

I had been thinking of passion as a hobby, a thing that I could participate in which would bring me happiness if I kept following my journey. Music was my passion, so as long as I kept playing and pursuing music I would be following passion.

But when my circumstances changed and music became something different to me it never helped me get out of my situation to think of passion as something else specific.

Passion became how I was living my life. I was passionate about music because the attention and detail I spent playing, the better I could express myself through my playing.

I was able to connect to others because of my intention towards music.

Once I took this idea and applied it to anything in life I suddenly could became "passionate" about anything. It didn't matter what it was...

Passion Search

Taking this idea and applying it in my life has literally changed how I live every day.

This passion search opened up a new world for me. I didn't have to be pidgenholed into believing that I needed to be about any one thing but that I could live a life of passion.

Passion Search

In a weird way I actually felt that this has made my life MUCH more focused.

When I was learning music I never knew where I was headed but with a vast curiosity towards life, I could imagine where I wanted to end up and think realistically about where to direct my passion that could lead me there.

This is how I ended up in web design and SEO.

I wanted a remote lifestyle and knew that I wanted to help other entrepreneurs with growing their business. I was curious about technology and made a connection with businesses and their websites.

But even though we can create a curiosity for life there are other blocks that can make directing that passion still difficult to figure out...

Directing Your Passion Ideas

You will be able to find many articles and ideas about how to discover your passion that I feel are relevant and supportive to helping you commit.

There are even quizzes you will be able to take in order to help you find your passion.

But what I will provide is support around directing that passion you have already discovered and accepted is a part of who you are into a career that can support your vision.

Work Backwards

Often times when we think of completing work we need to figure it out step-by-step...

But that is exactly what could have led to you being here... by not seeing a bigger picture, we continue along a path that we might not even know we want to be on because our passion towards life is carrying us forwards.

It's important to be able to compare the path you are on with what your actual goals are to see if they are aligned and if your passion is leading you in the right direction.

This means you need to have an idea of where you want to be in life. Think about what would feel amazing if you ended up as a "success" in whichever way this means for you.

Once you have an understanding of that vision you will always be able to truly understand if your passion is leading you to your vision.

You may plan the exact route to get to your end goal but it's important that you know where you want to end up because the route will ultimately change and you will need to be adaptive in order to get there.

Dont Be Afraid To Try... And Celebrate

Vulnerability around effort and expressing yourself can be paralyzing...

I have had a lot of great ideas about showing up in my community and how to engage more but I still find it hard to take action..

Passion Search

It is incredibly important to embrace that fear, find out a less imposing option to try, and then celebrate yourself when you accomplish the alternate option.

The reason this can be so powerful is because when we often think of something great we could do for our business and then do not take action, we become incredibly hard on ourselves.

We believe that somehow the pressure and disappointment we are putting on ourselves will lead to a positive outcome....

But that isn't how it works.

Instead of seeing this as a failure we need to rephrase the story we are telling ourselves by saying that we succeeded in taking action for our business.

This is a marathon and it's going to take time but if we can't admit where we are being successfull but only focusing on the failures we wont give ourselves an opportunity to grow.

Think about it like this...

If you want to have a nice yard around your house and feel like you need to worry about all the weeds you aren't going to have enough time to take care of the grass or the flowers or the trees or the bedding and create what you want...

Sustain Your Passion

Passion is based on emotions. Any action you take is ultimately based on emotion.

This is why it is so hard when you aren't living a passionate life to feel like you want to direct yourself towards anything.

If you aren't feeling very emotional or passionate then you aren't very motivated to do anything...

But when we start living a passionate life it can be easy to burn out....

Give all of your energy to something for long enough and you will ultimately feel drained and exhausted.

So if passion is based on emotion how do we sustain that practice without it consuming us?

Well, you can be passionate about space, you can be passionate about meditation, you can be passionate about relaxation, yoga, massages, and on...

You can turn this curiosity into a tool to achieve your balance. Allow yourself to be passionate about your health and about holistic practice.

This will lead you to become more balanced and keep from burning out.

Mercado Wix Design Takeaways

1. Remember that passion is more of a mindset than any activity. You are a passionate person who applies that to every area of your life.

2. Directing your passionate can still be very confusing if you don't have a clear idea of where you want to be. Imagine your end place and then work backwards to see a path to it.

3. Finding this new way of passion means you can apply this to the more relaxing parts of your life. Be passionate about vacations or traveling or whatever makes you more balanced.


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