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Fear As A Compass

I've gotten two new leads recently.

One is an event hosted by a marketing company that I'll be presenting to entrepreneurs about the Wix platform and setting up a website.

This will be my first presentation to any group about the Wix platform. I've done consulting work but always remotely and I've had some experience "presenting" to groups when I played music and managed restaurants but never a workshop type of atmosphere.

The second lead was a Wix Ascend optimization project that I had received because of the work I've been doing with the blog.

They had read my articles about Wix Ascend and wanted to see if I could help optimize their system. It's the first direct connection I've had to the blogs and leads.

All of this is fantastic but I still get a pit in my stomach thinking about the projects.

On top of these projects I have about 4-5 others that I want to do an equally amazing job at that are currently in the works.

On top of those gigs I need to be still reaching out to more potential clients and getting leads through various sources.

On top of those gigs and leads I need to be nurturing my content output, both for my blog and for my social media to get more outreach and visibility as well as inbound leads.

On top of those gigs and leads and content I need to be keeping up with my communication to not let my clients and partnerships feel abandoned.

On top of the gigs, leads, content, communication, I need to be working on some of the sites and SEO work that I need to be doing and organizing my projects.

On top of those gigs, leads, content, communication, work, I need to be maintaining time away from work so that I don't get demotivated or lose site of what is truly important in my life.

On top of the gigs, leads, content, communication, work, time-away, I need to be nurturing my relationships with my family and friends so that I can prioritize what I feel is important about waking up everyday.

On top of the gigs, leads, content, communication, work, time-away, family/friends, I need to making sure my physical health is in great shape.

On top of the gigs, leads, content, communication, work, time-away, family/friends, physical health, I need to makes sure I'm working on meditating and making space for my mindset and mental health.

More important than the gigs, leads, content, communication, work, time-away, family/friends, physical health, and mental health, I need to nurture my relationship with my partner, Rachel, and make sure we are connected and headed in a direction that makes sense for our life goals.

Balancing all of this scares the crap out of me...

What traditionally happens is that when I think of adding more to my plate and taking on new challenges on top of everything else it scares the crap out of me even more.

The fear is real and ends up causing me to make some kind of excuse on why that wouldn't be possible or how it wouldn't make sense for where I am right now.

But that's all garbage.

The more I continue to push into that fear and take action the more it all gets put into context.

I start realizing just how simple the tasks were or how much quicker it took then I was thinking.

I've been recently thinking a lot about what kind of future I want to live in and how I contribute to that future.

So I started getting into Elon Musk because he has some pretty interesting things to say about his perspective and how it has been a contributor to where he is in life.

Then I started realizing this man has blown up three different rockets!

An article I read about the 2015 explosion said all related and direct losses amounted to $750 million in losses!

That was for one explosion!

The enormity of it puts things into perspective for me.

The fear I feel is the same that you feel or my friends feel or my family or even good ol' Elon.

Fear is a tool that can be used to measure who you are and what you want from life.

It's a crystal clear message that is delivered consistently, over and over again, that let's us know what needs to be worked on.

Fear is actually pretty considerate!

Sure, it drives some more adrenaline in your body but you can always count on it to be there to let you know where you need a little more support.

I've found that when I continue to head in the directions of fear that I ask for more and more support in order to get where I want to be.

I don't think it's possible without the support.

This gets me closer relationships with friends and family and causes me to take more and more time away from work to spend time with my mindset and physical health.

It becomes a cycle that feeds action and allows what I want in life to become more realistic.

Fear is a compass. Use it.


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