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Guaranteed Ways To Find Your Blog Niche Ideas

You want to start your blog and connect with your audience... but how will you know if anybody is actually going read your blog?

Blog Niche ideas will help you find a specific topic that relates to a specific audience so that you can create highly targeted content and bring value to that audience.

Many times, people will start a blog but have no real idea on what that blog needs to be about.

What ends up happening is that people write about a variety of topics and never really gain any traction.

Let's talk more about why you need to generate blog niche ideas, how you can tell if anyone will read you ideas, and how you can tell if other people have been successful writing about that topic.

Why Do You Need To Niche?

The bigger and bigger this digital world seems to get, the more important it is to find your niche.

If you can't find a specific topic for your business or your blog, there is a high chance that you are going to get lost in all of the blogs that exists in the vast internet world.

Let's say that you love food…

You start writing a blog about all kinds of food. Italian food, Mexican food, diet, desserts, and anything else involving food.

Let's say that after you have written a lot of blogs you have noticed that people are really enjoying your Italian food post.

Every time that you make a post about Italian food, you get at least 30 more views.

You would start to recognize that their is a niche within your food blog. You can talk directly to people who are interested in what you have to say. Instead of wasting a lot of time and energy writing about all kinds of food, now you can focus on Italian because you know that is where your audience is.

Once you recognize the niche, you are able to put out content that is directly to that audience and continue to improve the value you can offer others!

This is why having a niche is so important for your blog and your business. It allows you to find the people that are actually interested in what you are talking about. Giving you a chance to help others and make a living at the same time.

This is the ultimate goal of any online business in 2019. Find an audience that you can talk to directly and start helping them by creating blog post to give value.

But how do you find one? How do you know if there is a bigger audience interested in your niche? How do you know that anyone is even making money in that niche?

Do You Already Know Your Blog Niche?

I am still figuring out more about my niche and my ideal customer.

I did not use the techniques I am about to cover with you when I found my niche.

I actually feel I could have benefited majorly if I had used these techniques.

So how do you find your niche?

The first step is figuring out what you actually want to write about.

What are you curious about, what are you passionate about, what is something that you can see yourself writing 50+ post about?

For some of you, this may come extremely easy. You will have something that you are already passion about that you have discovered in your life.

For others, this is going to be a little more difficult. What I had to do in order to find my niche is to think about what I was spending my time on.

For example, are you watching Netflix 6 hours a day, playing with your pets 3 hours a day, do you drink coffee all day, or do you love exercising?

I had a hard time with the idea of finding my passion because I am not an overly emotional person....

When people told me to find my passion and find out what I wanted to do every single day, that question could paralyze me.

I needed to think instead about what I was spending my time on. I also needed to think about what makes sense for a lifestyle that I want to live.

I wanted to live a remote lifestyle so that I could be with my partner all the time, and have more control over my environment. I also wanted to get into technology because I felt that had a much higher ceiling than any other industry I could get in.

I also loved experimenting with computers when I was younger in my family and I loved manipulating the settings on computers so that I could customize the screen.

This led me into really loving the idea of websites and really loving the customization you can have with your websites.

When I thought about what I could spend my time on I thought that it would be very easy for me to get lost in trying to customize websites and finding the technical ways that I needed to do that.

This led me into coding, which led me into web development, which led me into web design, which ultimately satisfied my need to help fellow entrepreneurs.

So if you are struggling with finding your passion because you may not have that high emotion personality, that is still okay.

Just try to think about what you are ready spending your time on, what makes sense for how you want to live your life, and what has had your interest in your past.

Once you have an idea of a niche that you want to get into, it's time to look into that niche to see if there is an audience for it.

See If Your Blog Niche Has An Audience

If your niche does not already have an audience, it is going to be extremely hard for you to build your own following.

You will need to then create your audience one person at a time. This is going to mean you need to have a very strong drive to create your own path and challenges that come with it.

This is much harder than already talking to an audience who is already interested in a topic.

So how do we find this?

Go to Kindle eBooks or

On these sites you will have categories that are listed that you can start searching for ebooks or magazines.

Click on one of these categories you will see subcategories pop-up that you can click on again….

Go ahead and click on one of these subcategories so you can see if there are even more subcategories that pop up.

This is how you are going to discover if there is an audience for your niche.

If you are into art then you will click on the art category. This will pop up subcategories of art like art history, individual artist, performing artist, and so on.

This is how you will know where your niche is and the types of content your niche is looking for. You can look at the books in the subcategories to see what people are already writing about.

You can check to see which of these books are best-sellers. This will all be very valuable information to know what your audience is already looking for.

Check To See If Your Niche Is Passionate

It is one thing to see if your blog niche already has an audience and another to see if that audience is passionate.

There is a niche for mathematics but you aren't going to find an irrationally passionate audience that cannot wait to hear about mathematics and give you money to improve their mathematics.

There is certainly an audience that is interested in mathematics but they would not be as passionate as an audience interested in their health.

So what you are going to want to do once you find your niche is go to Google Trends and type in that niche.

Check to see if you're niche is gaining in popularity or if it is declining. Also check to see how many people are actually searching this niche.

This is more valuable information into knowing how popular you can anticipate your niche to be.

You can also go to Google Keyword Planner and plug in your niche. You will be able to see search volumes and also other keywords ideas that relate to your original keyword.

This is a great way to check and see if your audience is really passionate about what you are doing. Keep in mind that if your search numbers are getting too high, there is a chance the niche is too big.

It will be just as hard for you to be noticed in a huge crowd of people as it will if you to be noticed with no crowd at all.

Check To See If Anyone Is Making Money In Your Niche

Now you want to see if it is actually possible to monetize your blog. Starting and maintaining a blog can be a huge amount of time so you want to make sure you have the best ideas to start.

I personally spend about 2 hours writing each of my post. This is a large investment for anyone starting a blog and you will at some point want to see if monetizing is possible so that you can continue to give your audience value.

What you will need to do is research other blogs in that niche. See if they have advertisements on their blogs. This is a good way to see if they are getting enough traffic that they feel it is worth it to put advertisements on their blog.

You can also see if these blogs had added links to other products. This is called affiliate marketing and the blog will receive money anytime someone clicks on that link and buys a product.

So if the owner of the blog feels like they have enough traffic coming to their site, they will often put links to other products to try to make some money off of their blog. This is a great way to see if people get enough traffic that they feel making this investment of time is worth it.

You can also go to Google and search your niche topic. Check to see if there are any advertisements on the first page of Google. They are usually located at the very top and very bottom of the search results page.

This will allow you to see if a business thinks it is worth it to pay money to advertise on that search page. This means the business thinks that they can spend a small advertisement fee to be on the page and make more money off people clicking on their link.

You want to make sure that people are actually making money in your niche. This is because it takes a ton of effort and a ton of time to create a blog and be consistent like I mentioned above.

You want to make sure that if you are going to spend that time and effort it will actually pay off. The only way to do this is to discover if people are already making money in your niche.

If you are not talking to a built-in audience or your audience is not irrationally passionate then you are going to have a hard time trying to gain any traction.

Starting Niche Ideas

There are tons of different ideas that you can use for a niche. Here is a list ideas from another article that you will be able to use as a starting point.

I want to cover a couple of more relevant blog niche ideas to our times and on the rise in 2019.

Renewable energy is a hot trend right now and this is a topic that will continue to have more and more interest as the years pass. You will be able to write about this today and continue your blog for years to come.

LGBTQ is another area in life where people are becoming more aware and accepting. This is a great opportunity to start writing about your unique and authentic passion for LGBTQ and connect with a growing audience who cares a lot about its future.

Technology will continue to be the hottest trend of all. There is always some new gadget coming out that you will be able to cover or experiment and tell your audience. Technology is a fairly broad field but VR is particularly very popular and will continue to gain interest in the next few years.

Health for pets continues to grow in popularity and a great blog niche idea if you already have some furry companions! As love for animals continues to grow, you will have a lot of opportunity to find your voice in the community.

How Do You Find Article Ideas?

The best way, and honestly the only way, you should be using to find your article ideas is by doing keyword research.

After finding your blog niche idea, keyword research is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of your blog.

If you want to connect with your audience and at some point monetize what you are doing, you will need to know how to connect with your audience.

Finding your niche was a start but you have to know what that niche wants to read about!

The only way to do this is by finding words and phrases that people are searching for in Google and other search engines.

We talked about Google Keyword Planner above and how you can search for these keywords.

I use a paid tool called KWFinder but you can sign up for a free trial. The reason I use this tool is because if you are taking the time to write long articles for you blog then you want to make sure people can find them!

Telling your social media and friends is a great start but eventually you will want to rank on Google so that more people can see your blog. The way you do this is by finding keywords that you can rank for.

Free tools like the Google Keyword Planner will tell you how competitive a word or phrase is but it will not tell you how your site compares with other sites.

This is why I use a paid tool that allows me to see if my site has a chance to rank higher than others based on a ranking number.

I recommend getting a bunch of keywords together that you will want to write about, signing up for the free trial of KWFinder and then spending a day or two typing in your words and phrases to see which articles you want to focus on.

You will also be able to find more words and phrases you never even thought about by using this tool..

Then all you will do is take the keywords and phrases that you like and start to write articles in your blog niche!


1. If you are passionate then you have an idea of what you niche could be, but if you don't feel like you are passionate, think about what you spend your time on. Family? Entertainment? Reading? All of these can be niche ideas.

2. Use tools like Kindle e-books and to find categories where people have already shown interest. You can see which types of magazines and which types of books are already written about these categories to get a good idea of your blog niche and topics to write about. BONUS: Look up the website of the magazine that fits your niche and click on the advertise menu. This is usually in the footer. You will have access to a media kit that will tell you the exact demographics for your niche.

3. Check for advertisements on blogs and Google search pages to see if someone is already making money in your niche. Then use tools like Google keyword planner and KWFinder to find keywords to write your blog articles about.


I think I am on 19 straight days of at least 1,500 word articles at this point in an attempt to not only try and rank my site on Google but also to challenge the amount of value I can bring to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It was also to learn more about the Wix platform and see if I can rank a Wix site high based on high value content.

If you received value from this post then please like, share and comment. If you need help with your Wix blog SEO check out this article, if you need consultation on your blog then set up a support session and you and I will walk through your issues.

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