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Being Open To Abundance

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

I've lived in a lifestyle of fear and security for too long!

I've never been able to really let myself feel an abundance mindset because I always made an excuse for why it wouldn't be possible or seem illogical.

But those days have to change.

This business has been a struggle...

I'm not sure I've worked harder in my life to receive half as much for anything else. Well that's not true...

I actually did the same thing when I was playing music. I worked maybe 5-6 hours a day for a long time not making any money off of that.

But I'm older now, I have dreams, I have a partner who cares and depends on our success, and working for nothing doesn't quite get the job done.

Working as a freelancer and trying to find out how to become a business owner has challenged just about every notion of what I felt I had to do to earn a living in life.

It's challenged me to look 10 feet further, as my partner says.

To take what I felt was a good job and see what else is possible. Ask myself the question of "was it good enough?" Something I didn't have to do often and was highly discouraged in my time working in restaurants.

It challenged my notion of the single source income.

When I was managing in restaurants I had a consistent paycheck with benefits. Made a salary and was comfortable.

But if the restaurant asked me to work 10 extra hours that week you better believe I was there. If they wanted me to take on 5 extra tasks that week, you better believe I got them done.

Because if I didn't my job was at risk. This was the only source of income I had and the company could constantly push my line to see what was possible to get out of me.

And I had to take it unless I wanted to go get another job and hope the boss wasn't interested in the same managing style.

So when I left the industry and began piecing together several types of jobs in different industries in order to make it all work, it challenged how I valued the jobs I worked for and built better relationships with the people who were paying me.

There wasn't any more boundries being pushed and I felt a deeper connection with the people I was working with. We both knew that there were lots of freelancers and entrepreneurs in the world and it was really about making the connection.

All of these challenges have really been leading to the ultimate goal of challenging my mindset about life and my role in it.

For years I had never felt capable of making these types of changes in my life....

Yet here I am today, making these changes every single day, every single month, month after month.

Every month I get a twist in my stomach around the middle of the month because I'm worried about my partner and I's finances and if I can show up well enough to make it by....

And I do every single month, month after month.

It's not easy and there are A LOT of challenges that I go through along the way but I'm realizing that in order to fully accept what's happening in my life and to make the transition that I have to get there mentally.

I need to accept that this is what I do and I have proven that I am more than capable of making it happen.

I need to let my abundance mindset take over.

I need stop spending energy and thoughts on being worried and use that energy to better my situation.

This always makes my relationship better in the home and takes away stress from myself.

I've been listening to a lot of Joe Dispenza thanks to my wonderful partner and he talks about some pretty powerful ways your mindset and your thoughts can help you get closer to where you need to be.

I recommend using resources like that to work on creating room for abundance.

Your mind is like any other container and if you fill it with scared thoughts you aren't leaving room for any positivity. If you can make room for abundance thinking you will be caught off-guard by the effects it can have.

Thanks for reading as this was a more mindset post than anything Wix related. I feel it's a lot more important to get the mindset right but a lot harder to get people motivated for it.

If you wanted to add anything to conversation feel free to comment below. Thanks!


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