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5 Methods For Building My Backlink Challenge

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know I recently completed my first 30 days content challenge where I wrote 30 articles about Wix and entrepreneur related material.

And it was a challenge!

Taking the time to write, edit, get photos, get links, and post to social media takes me at least 2 hours per post.

And it certainly helped my traffic to be this dedicated...

Slowly but surely everything is growing...

I'm even seeing my articles rise slowly through the ranks of google search pages using SERPWatcher from Mangools.

But as I continue on this mission to create valuable content I am realizing that I will need a little bigger push if I am going to get the results I'm looking for.

That's where the backlink strategy comes in.

Backlinks are a huge push for sites looking to rank higher in google for search results. Basically another website links to your and that's considered a backlink.

There are bad (black hat) and good (white hat) ways of getting backlinks. The bad links can essentially get your site penalized or even banned from google...

This is exactly why I am going to focus on the good ways of getting backlinks!

All of the ideas I'm going to cover below have a basic concept in mind, you create awesome content and then find other sites who could use that awesome content.

It's a lot of leg work which is why I feel more sites don't take advantage of this but if done right can have huge rewards.

Since I have never actually done a backlink campaign I will attempt to outline what I am going to do both for you, in case you find something useful, and for me to have some accountability!

The Steps

I'm going to be trying 5 different methods that I will outline below on my 1 week challenge. I usually take Monday's off so this will break down into a 6 day timeline to be able to finish the 5 methods.

I am going to be using Google A LOT to help with this but I am also going to use a paid tool from Mangools called LinkMiner. This allows me to see backlinks for any of my competitors and popular articles I'm trying to beat out.

Let's go over the different methods...

1. The Round Em Up Strategy

Roundups are when sites post an article that "rounds up" all the experts or articles in a related field and post links to each expert or article. The idea is to get the sites, find the email addresses associated, and then email out a script to each one asking to be included in their roundup.

You have to think that if someone is taking the time to gather all the resources around the web about a particular market they are probably going to prefer someone send them a link so they cut down on the leg work.

2. Broken Link Building

This method involves taking articles that have several links and using a plugin that checks to see if those links are still active.

Sites who use broken links can be penalized by Google for not appearing to update their content. If you are able to inform the owner of the article that there are broken links and which ones they are, you stand a much better chance at getting your own article to replace the broken link.

3. Create A HARO Account

HARO is a marketplace for content producers and experts where you have an opportunity to provide information on your related field to a journalist or blogger and they might use your quote for their article and provide a backlink.

This is a more passive way to build backlinks for your site since the idea is that a journalist puts out a call and you have the option to respond to the calls you fill you can answer. Great way to build credibility as an expert in your field and get backlinks.

4. Get .edu Links

This is exactly how it sounds... You reach out to sites with .edu and you try to get a link back to your site.

The reason you would go after .edu is because these are seen as stronger authorities from Google and will give you link more strength.

It isn't easy to convince an educational institution to use your site as a resource link but if you can get at least one, this will be seen as a huge improvement to the links you build.

5. The Moving Man Method

This method was outlined by Brian Dean of Backlinko and is very similar to other methods I'm going to try but a unique, slight difference.

Find a domain or brand that has recently made a major shift to a different domain name or brand name.

Find all the sites that mention the old domain or old brand name. Then send out an email script letting them know of the change and offering your article as a replacement.

I'm excited about this method since my niche is constantly changing and there is a lot of opportunity for finding these types of backlinks.


Using specific methods I am going to build a backlink campaign that will raise not only the traffic to specific articles I have written but will raise my site's importance to Google and get my site ranking higher in search results.

I'm giving this challenge one week to complete and will be writing a update post next Tuesday that outlines if I have received any links, what this has done to my traffic, and what this has done for my keyword rankings!


If you are currently using a backlink method and getting results then tell me which method you use in the comments below! I'm curious to see which methods work for different types of business so be sure to include what kind of business you are in.

Share and like this post and I offer free, 10-minute Wix support sessions if you need help with marketing, design, or learning the platform click here!

Thank you and I look forward to updating you with results!


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