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Automate, Automate, Automate

While we are on the topic of emails I want us to set up some email marketing from our Wix shoutouts so that we may continue to automate as much as we can so you can focus on the important parts of your business. Sending your newsletter through Wix is easy and a great way at keeping your audience involved and giving them the opportunity to follow your business. Different shoutout plans are given for the different premium accounts Wix offers but you can always upgrade your shoutout plan to be able to send more emails to your fan base. Today we will put out our first newsletter using this seamless system.

  1. On your site specific dashboard, click the ‘Marketing Tools’ section on the left side menu.

  2. Once in the ‘Marketing Tools’ section, click on the ‘Email Marketing’ section.

  3. Here you have a couple of options, you can either use one of the templates at the top of the page (recommended for new users) or you can scroll to ‘Latest Shoutouts’ and click on ‘Create a New Shoutout’. We will use one of the templates for now and when we get used to the layouts we can start creating our own. Click on the blue ‘Use Template’ button on top of the ‘Announce a Special Offer’ template.

  4. This is your chance to create a dynamic and engaging email newsletter for your audience. Make sure to click on the ‘+’ sign on the left side menu to see all your options. When you are done click the blue ‘Next’ button in the top right.

  5. Now you should be on step 2 ‘Add Recipients’. You now have the option to choose who the email newsletter goes out to. You can either choose all or if you have managed your contacts you can choose specific segments of your email list to send to. For now we will click on the ‘All’ box and click the blue ‘Next’ button in the top right.

  6. Now you should be on step 3 ‘Shoutout’. You now have the option to change the subject line, who the email is coming from, and which email will be available if anyone receiving your email newsletter wants to respond. Remember that we are trying to give as much value to as many people as possible so your ultimate goal will be to increase the number of subscribers on your email list to actually open your email. Subject line is a great tool for this so take a couple of extra seconds to make it stand out.

  7. When you are done click ‘Send’ and there you have it! Your first email newsletter has been sent! Consistency and measuring are keys for having a successful email list. You need to be updating your subscribers on what’s happening and giving key promotions to excite your audience. You also need to measure what is working vs. what is not working to get the best results for the time you put in. Good luck and I would love to hear any feedback you have!


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