• Raul Mercado

How To Add Wix Google Analytics (+1 Pro Tip)

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The best way to understand what people like about your site and what they do not is by adding the Wix Google Analytics.

Too many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of pretending to know what their audience likes.

You may have heard this before but in the world of digital marketing it is a standard, "your audience doesn't care what you think."

It may sound harsh but it can actually save your business.

When we can accept that we don't know the best layout of a site, or the best colors, or the best way to run an opt-in funnel, then it allows room to ask the question, "how do we find this information?"

And that's where adding google analytics to your wix site comes in.

In this post we will cover adding Wix Google Analytics and then I want to tell you 1 secret that I have learned doing my own research that I have not seen anyone else talk about when adding this to their Wix site.

Is Wix Google Analytics Free?

Aboslutely! Just like the other fantastic services that google offers you can use their analytics for free.

What is not free is adding google analytics to a free Wix site. Why? Because you have to have a premium Wix account in order to use Google Analytics. So if you see a wix ad banner at the top of your published site then you will need to upgrade your account.

The first step to adding the analytics is having an actual analytics account. I thought I would be linking to a google page for this but it turns out Wix has already made a fantastic and easy to follow step-by-step to creating your own google analytics account that you can find here.

How Can Wix Google Analytics Help My Site?

When you integrate this tool (yes, you are integrating!) this will allow you to see all kinds of excellent data that you can use for a number of reasons. Let's go over a quick few to see how you can actually use this tool to help scale your business.

Wix Google analytics lets you see how you are attracting guest to your online home. Whether that is from social media, direct, referral, or organic. This means if you are doing a lot of pushing on facebook or instagram to your site, you can see if any of that is actually working.

You will also be able to see if your guest are using mobile or desktop, if they are returning or new, the language they speak, country they come from, even what type of browser they are running!

All this means is that if you know most of your guest are coming from mobile then you want to make sure your mobile loading speed is good and you have easy to understand content.

If your guests are all using chrome browser then you want to make sure you are testing your site in the chrome browser more than any other because that is the experience your guest is having.

Connecting Wix Google Analytics

Alright, on to the meat and potatoes! I wanted to go into a little more detail on each step of this process but for a quick walk through I recommend the Wix Training Academy Video about how to add this to your site.

Don't be intimidated because I believe adding this to your site is pretty easy and since you only have to do this once it is well worth the investment.

1) Go ahead and log in to your google analytics account. You will immediately land on your dashboard area of your google analytics account. This should tell you how many people are coming to your site each day every week. Click on the "Admin" button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

2) Now your screen should be cut into 3 different sections. "Account" on the left, "Property" in the middle, and "View" on the right. I've noticed a very similar format used in Facebook ads as well. Look in the middle section that says "Property' and click on the text that says "Tracking Info" and then click on the text that says "Tracking Code"

3) At the top you will be able to see a mix of numbers and letters and above it says "Tracking ID." This is what we want to copy and paste. Notice in the actual code at the bottom it has the same code. If you are ever completing this for someone else and they give you this code, realize you can still get the tracking ID from here. Made that mistake once....

4) Now we need to head back over to our Wix dashboard for the site we want to add google analytics to. Now click on the "Settings" tab on the left-hand side menu.

5) Scroll down the left-hand side menu and click on the tab that says "Tracking and Analytics." Now you want to click on the "New Tool" button in the top right and this will drop down a list of options. Click on the top one that says "Google Analytics." Paste in the tracking ID that we copied from our google analytics account and click the done button!

And that's pretty much it! But... what now?

The One Secret To Adding Google Analytics

So when I was adding Wix Google Analytics to my site I noticed that my numbers were getting big!

They were growing much faster than I had anticipated! Which was awesome.... except that I realized it was really my own computer causing this jump. :(

Google analytics will actually track your own computer or laptop and if you are getting on your site a bunch to check edits or maybe you have a blog and are making lots of tweaks then your analytics will actually show this.

The way to check this is by going to your analytics account and clicking on the "Realtime" tab on the left-hand side menu and then click on "Overview."

In a separate tab, go to the homepage of the website you are tracking and leave this tab for now. Go back to your analytics account and you should see that you have 1 new person on your site. This is you!