• Raul Mercado

What I Learned In My 30 Day Blog Challenge

We've made it! 30 full blog post written...


I took a mini celebration last night after writing my 30th blog post by seeing a movie in the park with my partner here in Austin. They were playing Guardian of the Galaxies.

We have to celebrate the small wins in our businesses because the major ones only come once in a while.

It felt fantastic knowing I had dedicated myself to a practice that takes so freaking long!

Every post I have made has taken me at least 2 hours and one post even took 5 hours to complete.

I have made a corresponding Facebook and Instagram post for every single article on this 30 day challenge.

I did keyword research before I even started writing a single word that probably took around 3 hours.

I'm not sure if you are a content producer but it is far from easy to create content on a consistent basis and stick with it.

Takes hours researching ideas, editing, creating media, writing out your post, and all the while keeping the faith that someone is actually going to read these things.

But the more I write the more I realize that this practice is about much more than just getting people to read a post or teach someone about Wix Ascend.

It meant I was willing to invest into a long-term path....

Like a lot of other small business entrepreneurs I suffer from shiny object syndrome and always feel like I need that one trick or one program that's really going to make the difference...

But I never give these much time before I'm off to the next program or trick trying to find my success.

This is the first time I have decided that I am dedicating my time to something bigger... I'm going to invest into what I have learned and stick with it.

So this is my review of what has happened in the past month since I've started writing these.

Some data from my Google Analytics, some insights into the resources and strategies I'm using, and where I feel this should be going next.

What Was The Starting Point?

In order for us to understand where we are it is important to understand where we started from.

This will give us some context as we continue to go over numbers and strategies.

I've had my website for about 1 1/2 years now.

I purchased the site from Wix back in January of 2018 and in that entire time had written exactly 4 blog post before starting my 30 day challenge.

These were pretty much all written in the month of October of 2018 with the exception of one that was written on Sept. 24.

The picture below is how many users came to my site in the last week of September all throughout October.


So, in total 50 users came to my site that month. Not exactly ideal....

Compare that to how many people came to my site in the month of January.


14 people!!!! Only 14 people came to my site in the month of January. Pretty terrible. This is pretty much the same for February and March.

In April and May, right before I start my 30 day challenge, my site traffic bounces back up to 50 users a month.

So it wasn't exactly clear if writing the blogs had any real affect on my traffic and plus, I had no strategy when writing the original 4.

I simply thought about a subject, wrote a blog about it, and then published on my site.

I tried to give the graphics some time using Canva and posted them on my social media as promotion but that was it.

I will go over why writing post and then only doing social media promotion is a terribly slow strategy if you actually want people to come to your blog later in this article.

Before the content challenge I was posting on social media just about every day. I was trying to grow my social accounts to get more credibility so I was doing a lot of marketing through those platforms.

I believe this is the reason for my traffic. I also have Upwork, Wix Arena, and Fiverr accounts which also adds to the traffic I was getting because potential clients want to check out what I have.

So, except for a couple of down months I was getting about 50 users every month, I had written 5 blog post, I had open accounts for freelancing platforms, and I was creating social media post every single day.

This was the extent of my online presence for Mercado Wix Design.

Why Blogging Though?

I have been DEEP in a digital marketing reconnaissance for months now.

I'd say it really started when I started getting obsessed with Russell Brunson and his teachings on becoming an expert.


I've been constantly trying to understand what my business really is and where I should be taking it.

This is my first entrepreneurial venture and needless to say I've needed some guidance so when I found what Russell was teaching it kind of blew my mind.

He talks a lot about being in the expert industry... positioning ourselves and creating content in a way that we can become of great value to others and, in turn, being seen as a expert in that field.

This is what opened me up to the world of digital marketing because he started talking about webinars and online promotions and sales funnels and website funnels and the whole thing was a little over my head but very appealing.

Although I learned a lot and will eventually get back into a ton of that material I didn't feel that was quite where I was. I still felt a disconnect.

So I kept digging...

I started finding some lesser known people who were teaching similar, but different, methods and approaches.

One of those brilliant methods was outlined by a digital marketer named Miles Beckler.


Once I found his material I knew that this is where I wanted to be.

Miles talks a lot about this "game" being a marathon.

How all the large marketing "gurus" are selling fancy cars and fancy lifestyles but Miles was telling me that it was going to take a long time and lots of hard work to get what you wanted but that if you could commit, it was a proven method.

I took a look at what he was doing and thought about everything I had learned to that point and realized what he was saying made sense.

Not only that but he was talking about committing to a single path and sticking with it which resonated very strongly with me.

His strategy is not exactly unique but the louder voices in the marketing world made it hard to find.

The strategy is this....

Do keyword research, like obsessively do keyword research. More keyword research then you have ever done in your life. If you pay someone on Upwork to get you 50 keywords then you are probably doing it wrong unless you paid a large amount with a reputable freelancer.

Miles recommended a tool called KWFinder that he uses for his research. It's a paid tool but you can sign up for a free trial period. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for your trial period and testing the tool out. I immediately bought it after trying. It's amazing.


After your keyword research you create what are called content silos. These consist of one large mega article like "ultimate guide to skiing" and then you write supporting articles like "skiing in america" and "skiing in europe" that link back to the ultimate guide.

ALL OF THESE are based on your keywords.

These articles are also highly SEO optimized meaning they have all the proper headings, proper keyword density, meta data, word count, etc.

And then you keep writing.... and keep writing.... and keep writing.... till your fingers hurt.

And eventually google will start recognizing that your articles are amazing and start ranking them higher and higher on the first pages of Google.

If it sounds a little too good to be true you aren't completely wrong because there are more details that make this process a lot of work but you can't really argue with the results.

Right now Miles Beckler has over 100k subscribers to his youtube channel and has claimed to make over 2 million from his and his wife's online business by following these methods.

He has a youtube channel and this is probably the way to go if you are just starting. Video is where everything is headed in the online world.

I chose blogging as my vault for content because it was a lower barrier to entry.

I had already written 4 blogs so I was familiar with the platform. I don't even have a youtube channel so for me it just made more sense to start on something I knew and hit the ground running.

I think the platform you choose is ultimately less important than committing yourself to the path and staying with it. The results will come either way but you have to make a decision that you are picking a single option and investing into its success.

Where Are We?

On to the good stuff!

What are the numbers???

Here is a quick breakdown of the numbers and I'll give some details below.

Words Written: ~60,000

Days Needed: 34

Website Visits: 191

Most Visits For Single Post: 55

Bounce Rate: 31.3%

Session Duration: 1m 39s


So what does this mean?

I planned on making this content a straight 30 day challenge but after some talks with my partner I realized that I should probably make some time for the relationship so I took every Monday off.

Remember earlier in the article when I mentioned my site getting 14 visitors to my site in January...

Well since I started writing these blogs I have received 191 visitors to my site! That's a 1250% increase!

Except for January and February, my average site visitors were really around 50 a month and that is still a 280% increase in visitors!

I had a post about Wix support that got me 55 readers that ended up being the most visited post I've written so far. I did a little extra to get that post seen which I will tell you later in this article.

I had another post about Wix Ascend that got me 36 views and a couple more over 20. Other than that my post have around 3-7 views per post.

Not huge numbers but you have to remember that even 3-7 views is more than zero and if this is what I can do in 30 days from basically just writing and posting then think about what the potential can be if I start ranking on Google?

My bounce rate was 31.3%. I'll be honest I have't done a ton of research into bounce rates but according to this article anywhere from 26-40 is considered excellent.

Bounce rates identify how many people come to your site and leave after only viewing one page without clicking navigating to any other area of your site.

Google will place higher importance for sites with lower bounce rates because it uses this metric to determine if people find your site valuable.