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Working on the Wix platform as a Wix expert has been a rollercoaster of challenging and rewarding experiences. Learning more about the potential of the platform has kept me coming back time and time again. Spending more and more time building sites for entrepreneurs starting their businesses. 

Years of this experience has taught me that one of the biggest frustrations users have is finding Wix support for their site. And the reason to use the Wix platform is for its user friendly experience!

I want to dedicate my business to providing support for entrepreneurs on the Wix platform.

I know how hard it is to worry about every single detail for running a business and my whole purpose is to make that transition easier on you. 

When I was transitioning out of my job into working on Wix full time I struggled every day on keeping all the pieces together. All the support and help I received has gotten me to this exact point and that's what I want for the entrepreneurs I work with. I was even able to expand and continue creating sites that I am passionate about with my partner. Like Camping Helper and City Homesteads.

I have been in the service industry my entire working career and see my role in the Wix community as a strong support system for entrepreneurs to take control of their online presence.

Your voice deserves attention and a website is how your business can be seen. I want to give you control of that process.

I will help you with your website issues, I will help if you have questions, I will do what I can to help get your business successful! The community needs support and I will do everything I can to provide that support!

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